Video: Speeches From The Iowa Faith And Freedom Event

Here are the speeches from the five Republican Presidential candidates who spoke at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Event, last night, attended and covered by Duane Lester, All American Blogger. Since no front-runner has emerged yet,  it’s a good idea for us to listen to what these guys have to say, every chance we get. All the speeches were good, but one really stood out for me, this time. Watch these and see what you think:

The great Herman Cain shares his three guiding principles, “Do what’s right”, “empowerment, not entitlement”, ” “It’s not about us”:

video via The Right Scoop.

Newt Gingrich gave his speech next, focusing on what he says is the central issue facing the country – “what kind of nation do we want to become?”, and the  importance of the next election in determining that future:

Also giving a strong speech was Tim Pawlenty, who started off with a good one, “Thank you very much…, or as President Obama would say, You’re welcome”:

video via

And former LA Governor, congressman and “church-going Methodist boy”, Buddy Roemer focused on his achievements in public life…

video via

Rick Santorum, father of seven, spoke on the purpose of America, the land of opportunity; a place  “for people to live as they were called to live”, and he focused heavily  on moral issues:

video via

I have to tell you – I was surprised that Rick Santorum’s speech was the one that  most impressed me. His focus on abortion spoke to me. I remember those fights in the nineties to pass the partial birth abortion ban, and Clinton’s vetoes, which to this day, I believe is his most shameful legacy. Santorum was also  the Senate sponsor of The Born Alive Infant Protection Act, which Obama infamously opposed multiple times in the Il Senate. Santorum is a cultural warrior who has walked the walk. I don’t think he has a prayer of winning, there are too many on the left who would line up to drag his name through slime – (literally – google his name and see what comes up) – but I appreciate everything he’s done in the service of this nation.

I also very much liked Buddy Roemer, another one who has served this nation well, but who also probably doesn’t stand a chance.


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