Video: Rand Paul Blasts Dept of Energy “Busybodies”, Particularly Their Anti-Choice Toilet Regulations

Via ABC News, The Note:

Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY, today went off on a tirade about toilets in the midst of an Energy & Natural Resources Committee hearing on energy efficiency standards for certain appliances.

His unwitting victim was Kathleen Hogan, the deputy assistant secretary for energy efficiency at the Department of Energy.

“You’re really anti-choice on every other consumer item that you’ve listed here, including light bulbs, refrigerators, toilets – you name it, you can’t go around your house without being told what to buy. You restrict my choices, you don’t care about my choices,” Paul said to her. “You don’t care about the consumer frankly. You raise the cost of all the items with your rules, all your notions that you know what’s best for me.”

If you don’t have time to watch the full five minutes, fast forward to the last minute where he really unloads:


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Lotsa Links

AP photo: Capitol Police Chief Charles TubbsCapitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs pleads with protesters to leave the state Assembly antechamber voluntarily at the state Capitol in Madison, Wis., Thursday morning, March 10, 2011.

You know what? In light of recent events in Wisconsin, I’ve been kinda too busy over at Moonbattracker to give this blog justice, today.  So I’m going to have to do a quick link-around.

I’ll start with my Left-wing Institute For Civil Discourse posts. Because the protesters have been busy, and I’ve been tracking their latest antics:

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Video: Coulter On Hannity Discussing NPR and Wisconsin

Ann Coulter puts her finger smack dab on the central problem for Republicans in Wisconsin, and gives them (esp Scott Walker) some  tough love…”Where is Scott Walker? “If he were Chris Christie he would be on TV every night….This is a battle for the nation, people don’t really know what’s going on”…..”Every American needs to know about all of these (Union) outrages…”

Via Ann Althouse, Walker does have an oped in The Wall Street Journal, today: Why I’m Fighting In Wisconsin

In 2010, Megan Sampson was named an Outstanding First Year Teacher in Wisconsin. A week later, she got a layoff notice from the Milwaukee Public Schools. Why would one of the best new teachers in the state be one of the first let go? Because her collective-bargaining contract requires staffing decisions to be made based on seniority.

Ms. Sampson got a layoff notice because the union leadership would not accept reasonable changes to their contract. Instead, they hid behind a collective-bargaining agreement that costs the taxpayers $101,091 per year for each teacher, protects a 0% contribution for health-insurance premiums, and forces schools to hire and fire based on seniority and union rules.

My state’s budget-repair bill, which passed the Assembly on Feb. 25 and awaits a vote in the Senate, reforms this union-controlled hiring and firing process by allowing school districts to assign staff based on merit and performance. That keeps great teachers like Ms. Sampson in the classroom.

It’s a great piece, but I agree with Ann – he needs to take this message to the airwaves.