Earthquake/Tsunami Hits Japan – Tsunami Warnings Across The Pacific

Photo via National Post

I’ve never in my life felt an earthquake, so I can only imagine what one measuring 8.8on the Richter scale feels like. Judging from footage coming out of Japan, this morning, it was devastating – dozens are reported dead, already, and the death toll is almost certain to rise.

Via Breitbart TV, here’s a horrific video of a tsunami slamming Japan:

This incredible footage shows the flood waters sweeping away dozens of cars and boats:

CNN is providing live-streaming tsunami coverage, here.

See The National Post for more pictures of the devastation.

I’ll be updating this post throughout the day.

Bloomberg reports:

Tokyo’s subway system, the world’s busiest with about 8 million riders a day, shut down after today’s 8.9-magnitude quake and tsunami struck the city, leaving commuters to wait hours for taxis or search for somewhere to spend the night. Retail store shelves were also left empty as victims struggled to buy supplies and food amid the disaster. Police say 60 people were killed and 56 are missing, according to the Associated Press.


Atheists on Twitter use earthquake and tsunami  to prove there’s no God:

SpreadHDGFX Matthew Brady
@CruzanChoklate what’d u say RT @godhatesu: Where is your god that loves all now? Is mother nature more powerful than he is? #tsunami OBEY!

More astounding photos at The Atlantic: Earthquake in Japan


6 thoughts on “Earthquake/Tsunami Hits Japan – Tsunami Warnings Across The Pacific

  1. Scary and sad.

    There is a God, He is good and disasters such as this are good reminders for people to think about death, eternity and getting right with the One who created you.


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