Rush Was Right!

One of the points Rush made as he analyzed Obama’s presser on his Friday show,  was the odd fact neither Obama nor the reporters brought up the union battle in Wisconsin , which meant that polling was favoring the Republicans.

RUSH:  All right.  It’s official.  There were no questions on Wisconsin asked of the regime at the press conference today.  Now, come on, folks, please.  It’s only been the rallying cry of the Democrat Party.  We’ve only had Obama joining the debate saying we shouldn’t vilify or denigrate public sector union people, they’re our neighbors and so forth.  He got involved.  It’s his website, Organizing for America, that organized all of the spittle-flecked protesters that were out there.  Not one question.  Not one statement made by Obama.  Again, let me tell you what this means.  I’ll explain it by doing it the opposite way.  Had there been questions and had there been answers, had Obama made a statement, it would have meant that the polling data was clearly on his side, that the Republicans were really taking it in the shorts in the polls, and that it was a golden opportunity to hammer this whole business of destroying collective bargaining rights for unions.

If they had polling data that suggests that the Democrats won big in this thing that would have been 90% of the content of this presser.  And it didn’t even come up.  This is Waterloo.  This is Obama’s army defeated at Waterloo.  Napoleon didn’t have a press conference either after Waterloo.  They must be quaking in their boots over the polling data out of Wisconsin, not just in Wisconsin but around the country on this.  Don’t doubt me.  Snerdley, do not doubt me on this.  If it were otherwise, they would have been beating their chests like Tarzan.  Obama would have been out there trying to Jane and Cheetah and they’d be having a party swinging vine to vine to vine, but no, they can’t even bring it up.

“Do not doubt me!”, he bellowed.

Well,  I doubted… the polls I had been seeing looked bleak for Republicans.

Late Friday night, a new poll was released, thank you Gateway Pundit, (the man never sleeps):

66%, or two of every three, swing voters support Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) in the latest national poll conducted by the Free Enterprise Nation.
PR Newswire reported, via Free Republic:

The Free Enterprise Nation (FEN) today released the results of a national poll that shows strong support for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker among Independent voters. The poll of voters outside of Wisconsin, taken from March 3rd to March 9th, included 500 Democrat, 500 Republican and 500 Independent voters.

FEN spokesman, Jim MacDougald stated that “This poll contradicts some of the other polls we’ve seen. According to our poll, 95% of Republicans agree with the Governor, and 92% of Democrats agree with the union. There is not much of a surprise there. But 66% of Independent voters agree with the Governor, and this group is what swings most elections.”


After Wisconsin defeat, unions plan massive counterattack on GOP in 2012

Said the president of the AFL-CIO: “I guess I ought to say thank you particularly to Scott Walker. We should have invited him here today to receive the Mobilizer of the Year award from us!”

Speaking for Tea Partiers everywhere, I say: YOUR WELCOME.

Gotta love his spunk.

As several states seek to follow Wisconsin’s lead, newly invigorated public unions are looking ahead to the next election. Democrats are pressing to recall Republican opponents of organized labor and turn the debate into a focal point of next year’s campaign.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...good luck with that.
The problem for them is,  the more Americans see of the public sector union goons and their commie allies, the more they are not impressed.

I really don’t want to give these morons any advice, (not that they would listen to me, anyway.) But maybe the pro- union demonstrators would appear more sympathetic to the public if they left the bongs, bongos, cow-bells, shame chants, socialist/communist worker signs, and bullying thug tactics at home next time?

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