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Hey, I slept in, this morning – it’s Spring break for the kids, so I didn’t have to get up, and guess what? It’s snowing outside. On the first day of Spring break, we’re getting 2-4 inches of snow. But it won’t last, and Thursday is expected to be 70 degrees for the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

I’m just getting caught up, now, and there’s a lot of news out there, this morning.

Pray for poor Japan, a country that is experiencing devastation of biblical proportions – an earthquake, tsunami,  volcano, and partial nuclear meltdown all in one weekend. Over 10,000 dead… I can’t even begin to imagine what people are going through over there.

Pundette notes that there are Not enough body bags or coffins in Japan…

See slideshow of devastation at  NYTs:The Aftermath in Japan

Scientific American asked nuclear experts what the worst case scenario for Japan would be:

And just what is that worst-case scenario? “They’re venting in order to keep the containment vessel from failing. But if a core melts, it will slump to the bottom of the reactor vessel, probably melt through the reactor vessel onto the containment floor. It’s likely to spread as a molten pool—like lava—to the edge of the steel shell, and melt through. That would result in a containment failure in a matter of less than a day. It’s good that it’s got a better containment system than Chernobyl, but it’s not as strong as most of the reactors in this country.”

Finally, Bergeron summed up the events so far: “Based on what we understand, the reactor has been shut down, in the sense that all of the control rods have been inserted. Which means there’s no longer a nuclear reaction. But what you have to worry about is the decay heat that’s still in the core, that will last for many days.

Now, it’s being reported that Japan Says It Is Likely Meltdown Is Underway in 3 Reactors.

A third nuclear reactor lost its ability to cool today at the Fukushima Daiichi plant.
ABC reported:

A series of nuclear reactors continue to deteriorate in the wake of Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, raising worries of a nuclear meltdown.

After two hydrogen explosions in three days at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, a third reactor has lost its ability to cool. Officials are increasingly concerned about unit 2 at the plant.

More at AoSHQ: Fuel At 3 Reactors At Fukushima Likely Melting


More apocalyptic, bad news via Jeff Dunetz at Big Peace: Iranian Documentary: The 12th Imam is Near and Ahmadinejad is Going To Lead His Army:

Last month, on the 32nd anniversary of the overthrow of the Shah Iranian President Ahmadinejad spoke of a New Middle East spurred by the by the Egyptian revolution and hastened by the 12th Imam. This new Middle East would be free of the United States and Israel, as he warned Egyptians to be watchful of America’s “friendly face.”

“We will soon see a new Middle East materialising without America and the Zionist regime and there will be no room for world arrogance (the West) in it,” Ahmadinejad told the cheering crowds who gathered despite the cold and cloudy weather.

“They (the United States) have adopted a friendly face and saying ‘we are friends of people of North Africa and Arab countries’, but be watchful and united. You will be victorious,” he said.

Then Ahmadinejad brought up his messianic beliefs saying the world was witnessing a revolution managed by Imam Mehdi, the 12th Shiite Imam who disappeared down a well as a five-year-old in the 10th century and who Shiites believe would return on the judgment day when the world is covered with blood and chaos.

Watch the disturbing  Iranian documentary at Big Peace.


Walter Hudson at NewsReal: Horrorfic Stabbing of Infant Shows Flaw in Leftist Worldview

A three month old baby girl was stabbed to death along with most of her family on Friday.

In the Israeli settlement of Itamar on the West Bank, at least one terrorist broke into the home of Ruth and Udi Fogel (35 and 36). The mother and father of six were brutally stabbed to death in their bed. The killer(s) then stalked from room to room and slayed three of six children – two boys, Yoav (11), Elad (3), and a three month old infant girl whose name was Hadas.

“The children were literally slaughtered,” an IDF officer said, describing the scene, including the children’s toys spilled out on the floor and covered in blood. “This is one of the most brutal attacks we have ever seen.”

Three other children in the family survived. Two were in a side room and perhaps went unnoticed. A third, the eldest son Tamar (12) was away from the home. Imagine how their lives have been devastated, how difficult it will be to salvage their broken hearts and rattled souls.

In in age where news of mayhem is constant, it can be difficult to appreciate the impact of such an event, and tempting to shield ourselves from contemplating its horror. However, by allowing ourselves to reflect upon this unspeakable crime, we can confirm an essential truth which is indispensable to our deliberation of policy.

Why must we contemplate this horror? Because it serves to demonstrate that evil exists, and acknowledging that fact enables us to fight it. The policies championed by the Left, whether they involve foreign affairs or domestic social concerns, are often predicated upon a premise which this terrible crime plainly disproves.

Lisa Graas at NewsReal: Top 10 Islamapologists in the Obama Administration:

It is very troubling to find the White House taking a lead role as apologist for any religion, but especially for Islam. It is not within the realm of the president’s duty to decide and to proclaim for us all what Islam is and what it is not. Unfortunately, the White House has stepped up to the plate to emphatically defend this religion from all who may dare criticize it. We present for you now, the top ten Islamapologists in the Obama Administration.

Mark Steyn at The Corner reports the latest big thing for Islamofashionistas: Cosmopolistan:

Great opening sentences:

Al-Qaeda has launched a women’s magazine that mixes beauty and fashion tips with advice on suicide bombings.

Seriously. What else is in there?

Readers are told it is their duty to raise children to be mujahideen ready for jihad.

And the ‘beauty column’ instructs women to stay indoors with their faces covered to keep a ‘clear complexion’.

They should ‘not go out except when necessary’.

You can have it all! It’s like Cosmo for Waziristan.


A timely piece by Erick Erickson at Human Events: Gas Prices Are High Because of Democrats:

Ten years ago, President George W. Bush presented his energy plan to the United States Congress. The plan included $33.5 billion in tax incentives for energy companies to expand drilling for oil, natural gas and mining for coal. The plan also expanded energy conservation measures.

One of the key components of the energy plan was expanding domestic oil drilling so that the United States could finally wean itself off foreign oil. The United States House of Representatives embraced the plan, which called for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

Unfortunately for Americans, the legislation then went to the Senate.

By the way: Poll: By Whopping 66-25% Margin Voters Say Obama Should Allow More Oil Drilling…


TODAY’S MUST READ at White House Dossier: How the White House Bullies the Press

by Keith Koffler

President Obama’s conference on bullying Thursday was deeply ironic to some in the White House press corps. That’s because every reporter who regularly covers the place knows that President Obama’s staff has a policy – an actual, pre-conceived policy – of bullying.

It’s a tactic that amount to no less than suppression of speech.

The White House bullies reporters to try to ensure favorable coverage. When White House officials, particularly members of the press office, see a story they don’t like, they often call and verbally abuse the reporter who wrote the piece.

In diatribes often peppered with obscenities, they complain of profound injustice, bias, lack of relevance – anything they can think of to get reporters to back off their story.

Read the whole thing. This guy is a former reporter for Roll Call, and has also covered the Bush and Clinton administrations. He’s never seen anything like the systematic bullying that goes on with Obama’s blessing.  Everything about this malevolent President is fake. Why does the press stand for it? Because they are ideological partners, that’s why. In the few instances that they don’t tow the line, they pay for it, but most of these lap dogs never complain because they don’t want to risk losing access.

As we are constantly reminded, there are still many in the MSM who are more than happy  to tow the line…

Weasel Zippers: AP Gives Obama His Christ-Like Halo Back…


Ace points to some good pieces about the Presentdent: Voting Present: Barone, Cost Push the Meme

Jay Cost at The Weekly Standard calls the Obama presidency: The Glorified Clerkship:

Nobody in the United States is as intent on reminding his fellow citizens just how awesome he is than Barack Obama. That’s what the “Age of Obama” is all about. But that seems to be about it. The sense of awe he has cultivated has not been used for any great purpose — not to forge a bipartisan compromise on the stimulus, not to push through an intelliglble health care plan, not to handle the deficit, not to lead on any of the various foreign policy flareups. This is more a clerkship presidency, with a commander in chief either unwilling or unable to take the lead on the most challenging issues of the day.

The latest at Left Wing Institute For Civil Discourse: New Tone Award Nominee: Alan Grayson For Saying Gov. Rick Scott Wants FL To Become Like Somalia Watch the exciting video!

Check back…I’m just getting started.


And then, who?

Ace says: ” Republicans need to read every word of this and memorize every single figure, and then memorize additional figures that illustrate the problem, and repeat them endlessly on every Sunday talk show they appear on and every speech they make.” Mathematical Fact: You Can’t Tax The Rich Enough To Pay Down the Deficit.


Fox News reports on election finance  fraud in Nevada: Nevada Election Chief Questions Rory Reid on 90 Campaign Accounts With Same Address


Latest from Rasmussen: Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 46%, Democrats 37%


New Rasmussen Reports telephone polling finds that 46% of Likely U.S. Voters nationwide say they would vote for their district’s Republican congressional candidate, while 37% would choose the Democrat instead. The gap is three points larger than it has been for the past two weeks
Republicans lead by 20 points among men but run basically even with Democrats among women. The GOP holds a 19-point lead among voters not affiliated with either major political party.

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