Video: Chris Matthews And Left-Wing Panel Ridicule Sarah Palin’s Trip To Israel

A trip to India and Israel is a good first step  for a potential presidential candidate seeking acceptance on the world stage. Sarah Palin gave  a very well received speech in India, and met with the Prime Minister Of Israel. Her trip overseas went very smoothly, and bolstered her foreign policy credentials. The experience should be considered a net positive for her.

But no – the left won’t give Palin that. She can’t even take a trip Israel without them sniping at her, ridiculing her with anti-Christian slurs, and sounding like frantic poor-sports freaking out because a longtime Dem constituency seems to be turning away from them. Everything about her is “weird” and scoff-worthy.

David Corn snidely argues that Evangelicals only like Israel  because Armageddon is supposed to happen there – and… and –it’s not like they actually  like Jews or Israelis…

I’m almost sorry to lay this on you – it’s hard to listen to grown men sounding like this:

Transcript via Newsbusters:

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: This coalition between the Right and Israel, the evangelical right in the United States, is not founded on personal friendships or anything like that, or even values. It’s founded on some sort of weird, rightwing thing where you just high five each other there at the Western Wall and then that’s done, they’re trip.

DAVID CORN, MOTHER JONES: But there is a theological component which Gene was referring to…

MATTHEWS: Explain.

CORN: …Which is there’s a certain brand of evangelical Christians who believe in Revelations, that Armageddon is coming, and that will happen in Israel basically.

MATTHEWS: If they hold the West Bank.

CORN: If they hold, well there’s a lot of different components to that, but that’s why they like Israel. That’s why they want Israel to be strong. It’s not because…

MATTHEWS: It’s not personal.

CORN: Right. It’s not because they like Jews or Israelis.

MATTHEWS: [Laughs]

What insufferable jack-a$$es.

(Excuse my French).

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Video: Palin In Israel

Sarah Palin was mobbed by paparazzi after she visited the Western Wall tunnels in Israel, on Sunday.

Video via Weasel Zippers.

Aaron Klein reported for Fox News, this morning, that although most Israelis have never heard of Palin, they know she’s pro-Israel, and they appreciate that:

DaylifeJERUSALEM, ISRAEL – MARCH 21: In this handout image provided by the Israeli Government Press Office, Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (2L) and her husband Todd Palin (L) meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) and his wife Sara Netanyahu

AFP reports on her dinner with Netanyahu:

Sarah Palin, darling of the US Republican right, joined Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for dinner at his Jerusalem residence on Monday on the second day of a “private visit” to Israel.

The meeting, at which the two were accompanied by their spouses, was off-limits to the media, and Netanyahu’s office did not immediately publish any statement.

A photograph released by the Israeli Government Press Office showed the two couples standing in front of the Israeli and United States flags in the residence.

The former Alaska governor arrived on Sunday afternoon with her husband Todd and went straight to Jerusalem’s walled Old City where she visited the Western Wall, the most sacred site where Jews are allowed to pray.

Palin plans to visit Christian sites in Northern Israel before she leaves the country, tomorrow.  AFP reports that she plans on returning in the coming months for “an official visit”. Wonder what that’s all about…

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Legal Insurrection: “Why are you apologizing all the time?”

With that single sentence made to her Israeli hosts, Sarah Palin demonstrated a greater understanding of the problems confronting Israel than the collective wisdom of all the J.D.’s, Ph.D’s, and Masters of International Affairs in the Obama administration combined.

The question was profound, as simple as it were, because it addressed the narrative of perpetual Palestinian victimization and grievance.


Video of The Palins meeting with the Netanyahus via Gateway Pundit:

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Reason #863 Why NPR Should Be Defunded

Actually, it’s reason # infinity, because there’s no end to the reasons why NPR should  be defunded. But NPR’s airing of a lame left-wing comedy skit (complete with laugh-track), that chooses to attack a conservative pundit with dishonest smears at a time when she’s experiencing hellish heartache in her personal life… just adds fuel to the DEFUND fire.

Michelle Malkin: Hey, NPR: Fund your own lame liberal humor — and leave my family alone:

If the obscure and has-been comedians who appear on National Public Radio want to mock conservatives and spread left-wing propaganda, they should do it on their own damned dime.

The government-sponsored radio conglomerate broadcasts a weekend show called “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” It leans heavily on laugh tracks to prop up the lame punchlines of the likes of liberal humorist Paula Poundstone and describes its purpose thusly: “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! is NPR’s weekly hour-long quiz program. Each week on the radio you can test your knowledge against some of the best and brightest in the news and entertainment world while figuring out what’s real news and what’s made up.”

The “best and brightest” include a Muslim comedian named Maz Jabrani, whom NPR has been promoting as “the face of Middle Eastern humor in America today.”

Keep reading.

The latest on Marizela’s case here.

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Hot Air: Juan Williams: Defund NPR:

After being fired from NPR for expressing a controversial opinion on Fox News — along with a suggestion that he had mental problems — Juan Williams remained supportive of federal funding for public broadcasting.  What Vivian Schiller couldn’t do, apparently House Democrats could.  After the DCCC sent out a fundraising letter based on Democratic support for NPR lauding its ability to get out the progressive message, Williams now says enough is enough.

Read what Williams has to say about the fund-raising letter that changed his mind at Hot Air.

The  proposal to defund NPR passed the House on March 17,  228-to-192, with one Republican voting present.

All but seven Republicans voted for the measure, and all Democrats present voted against it.

The measure is unlikely to be taken up by the Democratic-controlled Senate. The White House on Thursday issued a statement “strongly opposing” the bill but stopping short of a veto threat.

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Scott Walker Was Right – Libs Were Wrong

Photo credit Joseph Storkson


This is a fun story to wake up to.

Isthmus and the AP had both made requests for Walker to release his emails under the state’s Open Records Law, after he had claimed  that most of them were supporting his budget repair bill.  He told reporters on Feb 17, that “the majority are telling us to stay firm, to stay strong, to stand with the taxpayers.” The left was quite sure that Walker was lying about that, and he’d have to call in Karl Rove “to hide the emails that were sent to him”.

Sorry chumps:

Gov. Scott Walker was right: The angry crowds in Madison didn’t tell the whole story of how Wisconsinites felt.

In the week after Walker announced his plan to dramatically curtail public employees’ collective bargaining rights in the state budget repair bill, a wide majority of the emails to him expressed support, an analysis of those emails indicates.

But that support was significantly boosted by emails from pro-Walker senders from outside Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism analyzed a computer-generated random sample of 1,910 emails from the more than 50,000 that flooded Walker’s office in the week after he unveiled his plan on Feb. 11. Nearly all were related to the bill.

The emails were released Friday as the result of an open records lawsuit brought in Dane County Circuit Court by Isthmus newspaper and the Wisconsin Associated Press. A settlement reached earlier in the week required the governor to produce the emails and pay the plaintiffs’ legal fees, which totaled just over $7,000.

At the request of Isthmus, the Center analyzed the emails. A team of reporters logged each of the emails in the sample as for or against the bill, unclear or unrelated. They also noted the location of the sender when possible.

Of the emails related to the bill, 62 percent supported it, while 32 percent opposed it. The margin of error for the Center’s sample size is plus or minus 2.3 percentage points.

The percentages are muddied by the fact that some people wrote more than one email — sometimes many more. The Center ran a computer script on the full set of emails and found at least 47,752 unique email addresses. The most prolific person sent at least 252 messages against the bill.

Those percentages align with Walker’s characterization of the emails on Feb. 17, when he told reporters that “the majority are telling us to stay firm, to stay strong, to stand with the taxpayers.”

The bill, introduced Feb. 11, called for eliminating most collective bargaining rights for 175,000 state and local public employees in the state and led to massive pro-labor protests. For nearly four weeks, tens of thousands of protesters filled the Capitol Square.

Walker remained unmoved by the opposition.

“We’re not going to allow for one minute the protesters to feel like they can drown out the voices of the millions of taxpayers across the state of Wisconsin,” Walker said Feb. 18.


Among the Center’s findings:

• Of the 1,493 emails on the bill where the sender’s location was apparent, the Center found that a third of Walker’s support came from outside the state.

• Eight-nine percent of the emails against Walker came from Wisconsinites.

• Out-of-state emailers overwhelmingly supported Walker, 85 percent to 15 percent, or a margin of nearly 6 to 1.

• When the Center looked only at emails from Wisconsin, the margin was much slimmer, with 55 percent favoring his bill and 42 percent opposed.

“So, actually, this is close to what he was saying,” said Charles Franklin, a professor of political science at UW-Madison.

Oh…it’s actually “close”, alright. Let’s look again at what Walker said: “the majority are telling us to stay firm, to stay strong, to stand with the taxpayers.” Turns out he was exactly right.

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