If Election Were Held Today, Michigan’s Governor Snyder Would Lose Still Win

MI Gov. Rick Snyder

Lefty blogs were on fire today with bad polling news for Michigan’s  Republican Governor, Rick Snyder. A new PPP poll shows “Snyder quickly falling out of favor” so that if the election were held today, he would lose by a slim margin, even though he won last November by an 18 percent margin:

If you could do last fall’s election for Governor over again, would you vote for Democrat Virg Bernero or Republican Rick Snyder?  (  D 47 R 45 )   D+2

That’s distressing news for the Governor. I wonder what could have caused such a precipitous drop in his popularity?

The AFLCIO blog has an idea:

… it’s all due to his anti-worker policies.

Here’s why Snyder lost favor so fast. According to a new Public Policy Polling survey released today, his financial martial law bill is hugely unpopular in the state with 50 percent of voters opposing it and only 32 percent supporting it.

Even more Michigan voters (59 percent—32 percent) believe public employees should have the right to collective bargaining and 49 percent would favor a state constitutional amendment to guarantee it and 37 percent would not. Even nonunion households understand the value of collective bargaining with 53 percent saying they support bargaining rights.

Snyder has fallen out of favor with his state’s voters even more than his fellow Republicans Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker have lost favor with their state’s residents.

Gosh, can the voters really be that convinced that Governor Snyder is “anti-worker”, or could there be another explanation. I’m going to check the polls internals…

The March 22 PPP Poll sample shows a Dem  party ID advantage of  +13 points. ….

PPP MARCH 22 2011 POLL SAMPLE PARTY ID:  D 41 R 28 (D+ 13 )

Compare that to their own their own 2010 likely voter survey:

PPP SEPT 21 2010 LIKELY VOTER POLL R 39 D 36 (R+3)

Good grief. It’s abundantly clear to me that the left is pulling out all the stops for their union buddies. They are trying to create an illusion that the budget fixes that are limiting collective bargaining are grossly unpopular with the voters. In order to do that, they have to fudge their numbers. PPP isn’t a trustworthy polling outfit, plain and simple.  Their credibility is on the line, and they don’t even care. The cause comes first.


Rasmussen reports that there has  been almost no change in party ID since the 2010 election, but there are +8 more Republicans then the 2008 election.

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Hat tip: Charles B.



6 thoughts on “If Election Were Held Today, Michigan’s Governor Snyder Would Lose Still Win

  1. “Financial Martial Law Bill”???

    The hyperbole doesn’t ever stop. My friends and family in Michigan have been on about this for weeks now.

    The hype sounded like hype, so I investigated, and the bill is much like a similar one passed in 1990 by a Democratic Legislature and a Democratic Governor. The law has been used several times since passing. What this new bill did was a change of degrees, not the granting of broad new powers. I put my findings in a post, along with links to the text of the law, and FAQs printed by the Department of the Treasury, and to their credit, my friends and family quit their bitching about it, but they are still convinced that it is emblematic of some coming fascism.


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