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“Linguists of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory have been forced into overtime to come up with a word stronger than hypocrisy.”

To find out who said that, in reference  to Huffington Post,  (but it could apply to most people on the left these days) see The Daily Caller.

And while you’re at it, check out Jim Treacher’s funny take on the  brouhaha.

Initially HuffPo stood by Breitbart, but yesterday they caved, as seen above. Their pretext is that Breitbart was a big meanie to Jones in an interview with our own Steven Nelson. Breitbart called Jones a “commie punk,” a “human toxin,” a “cockroach,” and a “cop killer-supporting, racist, demagogic freak.” Oh, and for good measure, he called Color of Change “left-wing freaks.” That’s the reason HuffPo is giving for pushing him off their front page. That’s the violation of HuffPo’s “tenets of debate and civil discourse.”

This is great news for fans of comedy, because now people get to dig up examples of all the HuffPo front-pagers who’ve indulged in vicious ad hominem attacks over the years.

Also fun for fans of unintentional comedy is Eric Boehlert’s “top tweet”, “Breitbart has been whining like Valley girl with a hangnail ever since the [HP] announcement was made”, which is pretty funny,  given the fact that Breitbart, being Breitbart is enjoying the attention, and is delighted to have the opportunity to throw the no ad-hom rule back in Arianna’s face, as has been happening at Big journalism since the announcement was made.






Audio: S.E. Cupp Interviews Jack Cashill

Jack Cashill has been on the talk show circuit promoting his new book, “Deconstructing Obama”.

He discusses what amounts to the literary fraud in Obama’s claim that he wrote Dreams From My Father, himself, and Obama’s radical past, including the fact that “he let Bill Ayers run around in his head for several years”.

A good interview:


Then there’s the matter of Obama’s social security number. Another bizarre situation in which the MSM has no interest. Cashill addressed that issue on a Denver talk show:

Linked by Doug Ross, thanks.


Arguing With Left-Wing Idiots, Libya Edition

This video, via Ace of Spades HQ, depicts the  rank hypocrisy, and lack of self-awareness  that typifies left-wing arguments:

Jack Cashill had some fun with his portrayal of how a conversation between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin would go on the subject of Libya. You can watch his video, here.



Video: John Stossal Covers Pigford Scandal In “Freeloaders” Report

In case you missed it, this comes via Breitbart TV:

Pigford is one of  the scandals  covered by Breitbart to which Van Jones objected  in his boycott letter to Arianna  Huffington,  characterizing it thus:

Breitbart’s long history of attacking Black people and institutions — from ACORN to Shirley Sherrod to Black farmers who were compensated for years of discrimination — has few parallels among mainstream media figures. Worse, these attacks were based on deceptive editing and willful distortion of the truth. [sic] That Huffington Post would choose to elevate Breitbart when news outlets from ABC to Fox News have distanced themselves from him is both tone-deaf and insulting.

The truth is coming out about the Pigford scandal. It’s obvious that the willful distortions, racism and fraud are on their side. The real victims of the Pigford settlement are the black farmers who had legitimate cases of discrimination, as Lee Stranahan notes at Big Government:

The bigger fraud, however, has been perpetrated on the legitimate black farmers whose cases and stories were hijacked; people like Arkansas farmer Jimmy Dismuke, who was shown in the story. The ‘$50,000 check’ fraud was done on the back of hard working farmers who actually did suffer discrimination at the hands of a huge government organization with no real accountability. In fact, part of the reason the USDA has played along with writing those $50,000 checks to people is to keep the status quo at the USDA.

That Van Jones’ Color of Change is proud  defend this travesty using lies and smears against its primary whistle-blower is beyond the pale. But it’s par for the course for the communist left.


Former Boston Mayor, Ray Flynn’s House Ransacked By Robbers

Photo by Patrick Whittemore (file)

According to the Boston Herald, the robbery happened while the Flynns were attending the funeral of former House Speaker Tom Finneran’s mother.

Flynn, 71, was unavailable for comment but told the State House News: “Just about everything, everything of value we ever had from the past 50 years is gone.”

That includes a cross given to him by Pope John Paul II, and letters from former Presidents, and Mother Teresa.

Boston.com reports on this heartbreaking story:

The South Boston home of former Boston mayor and U.S. ambassador to the Vatican Raymond Flynn was burglarized sometime Thursday morning, with the thief or thieves making off with a laptop, jewelry and other valuable items, police said.

Boston police responded to a breaking and entering call at the Flint Place home just before 3:30 p.m. Thursday, said Boston Police Officer James Kenneally. The owners had left the house at 8:45 a.m. and returned about 1 p.m. to find several things missing, including a laptop computer, a GPS device, an iPod and a number of jewelry pieces, he said. Kenneally would not confirm the home was Flynn’s.

But Flynn told the State House News Service today that the intruders had stolen a cross given to him by Pope John Paul II, as well as letters to him from former Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, Mother Teresa, John Paul II, former United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair, and former South African President Nelson Mandela.

Let’s pray that the police find the degenerate hoodlums who did this.

Hat tip: Infidel Joe