Jet Propulsion Laboratory Over-Taxed – More Overtime Needed

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Sgt. Schmultz over at PMSNBC done  broke the hypocrisy meter again.

Newsbusters: Schultz: ‘Are You With The Terrorists, Or Are You With The President Of The United States?’

ED SCHULTZ: Republicans are attacking the Commander-in-Chief during a time of war! . . . There should be no debate: we should be kicking [Gaddafi’s] ass . . . Whose side are you on, Sarah: are you with the terrorists, Sarah, or are you with the President of the United States? . . . And I have to ask the question tonight: where is the patriotism from all of these war-hawks? Where’s the patriotism of the Republican party? . . . What about being a patriot? . . . So the question now for the doubters who are out and about: why don’t you support the president? . . . We’ve been talking about the lack of patriotism from prominent Republicans . . .  Laura [Flanders] what about the patriotism?

Watch video at Newsbusters, (if you can stomach it).

Good grief, but what a cretin. How can the left stand to have such detestable D-nozzels like Schultz, Olbermann, Mahr, Moore, etc  representing their viewpoints? No one on the conservative side even begins to compare to these bottomfeeders. Seriously. Who watches Ed Schultz and thinks, “That right there in one impressive, intelligent guy…he’s got the facts on his side, yessiree.”  Every time I’m subjected to one of his  imbecilic, fact-free  rants on YouTube, I feel like six months have been taken from my life because the amount of patience and willpower  it takes to sit through one of them puts undue stress on my entire constitution. (The same thing goes for Obama’s speeches, which is why I can’t  listen to them anymore.)

Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin presents: Debate on Wartime Patriotism — Today’s Matchup: Ed Schultz vs. Hillary Clinton.

-With Hillary taking the Bush years Democrats’ position.

I  addressed the Dem Socialist’s rank hypocrisy on this issue nearly a year ago: Patriotism in The Age Of Obama.

For eight long years,  we heard Democrats bleating continuously about how the Republicans were “questioning their patriotism”. Hillary was perhaps the loudest and most strident of a whole host of liberal voices.

I’ve concluded that it was a result of a coordinated effort by the Dem Socialists in Congress because they understood that their evolving, and cynical  positions on the Iraq war, (supportive at first, unsupportive and undermining when  it was politically expedient), made them look like unpatriotic swine. So their strategy was to get ahead of that perception by constantly accusing  Republicans of questioning their patriotism. But Republicans never did in any explicit terms:

Fred Barnes wrote in The Weekly Standard in Dec. 2003, after the meme had taken off:

The claim that Democrats are targets of a political low blow by being labeled unpatriotic has become a Democratic refrain. It’s been used by Senate minority leader Tom Daschle, Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois, Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, Sen. Bob Graham of Florida, and presidential candidates Dick Gephardt, Wesley Clark, and Howard Dean. Kennedy was upbraided by Republicans in September for claiming Bush had concocted the Iraq war for political gain. His response: “There’s no question that this White House sees political advantage in the war. And you can see it in the way they attack the patriotism of those who question them.”

But nobody called Kennedy or any other Democrat unpatriotic. Bush didn’t. Senate Republicans didn’t. House majority leader Tom DeLay denounced Kennedy, but didn’t accuse him of a lack of patriotism. In this and every other case in which Democrats claim to have been smeared as unpatriotic, the facts don’t bear them out. Bush has never used the words “Democrat” and “unpatriotic” in the same sentence or in nearby sentences. In fact, he’s never uttered the word “unpatriotic” in public in any context.

That went on for five more  years, with Republicans always scratching their heads – who’s calling them “unpatriotic” other than some Freepers, or something? Who of import and influence is using the words “unpatriotic” or “unAmerican” to describe the Dems?

Finally, in October 2008, one Republican finally did “question their patriotism” – Michele Bachmann caused a media firestorm after  she (correctly) noted that Obama might have “unAmerican views”, and that there were some congress critters the MSM should be investigating  for their unAmerican activities. Oh, the palpitations that caused on the left! Someone finally did what they feared.

Anyhoo, “dissent is the highest form of patriotism” officially ended with the New age of Obama upon us:

9/27/2008: Video: Pelosi calls House GOP “unpatriotic”

12/12/2008: Dingell blames ‘some Southern senators’ for auto bailout defeat

Senators from states where the international automakers do considerable business unpatriotically blocked a bill that was supported by the White House, that passed the House with a bipartisan majority, and that had the support of 52 Senators.”

12/13/2008: Michigan Governor Granholm explains the “un-American” or parochial behavior of Senate Republicans.

7/1/2009: Henry Waxman Questions the GOP’s Patriotism; Will the Media Question Him?

July 5, 2009: Los Angeles Times: Tea Parties are ‘Un-American’


4/15/2010: On Hardball: Slamming Republicans as ‘Un-American’ Is Fine, But Don’t Dare Talk About Obama That Way

Now the latest thing for the left is to accuse Republicans of treason and sedition:

Daily Kos 10/2/2009: Republicans are UnAmerican Treasonous Bastards

4/19/2009: Joe Klein: Yes, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck ‘seditious’

Of course, I could update that list, if I wanted to take the time. But I think the left’s hypocrisy on this issue  is pretty well established at this point.

I wonder if  there’s  been any progress by the linguists in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to find a word stronger than “Hypocrisy”?


Oh, well…check this out:

Newsbusters:Lauer Shocks Bachmann: Should We Show Compassion to Al Qaeda in Libya?

NBC’s Matt Lauer, on Wednesday’s Today show, startled Michele Bachmann as he tried to convince her that Obama’s strategy of bombing Libya was a good way to show support for the rebels as he pressed the Republican Minnesota Congresswoman “If there are flickers, as you say, of al Qaeda among the rebels, would it not be a sign to them or showing them that the United States has compassion and we are willing to use our military might to help all people?” Bachmann was taken aback by the thrust of the question as she responded: “Compassion for al Qaeda?”

Look for Schmultz to ask Lauer the same question he asked Palin: “are you with the terrorists, Matt, or are you with the President of the United States?”
(In this case, both).


Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!



One thought on “Jet Propulsion Laboratory Over-Taxed – More Overtime Needed

  1. its amazing, after seven years of “attacking CIC bush in a time of war,” he can say that with a straight face.


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