Here It Is: Video Of Van Jones Speaking at Oakland Anti-American Rally Right After 9/11

I’ve been waiting for this to surface ever since I heard that Obama’s “Green Czar”, (and front page poster at Huff-Po), spoke at this rally.

I’m sure that those of you who can remember all the way back to 9/11/2001, were appalled that there were left-wing creatures, so shockingly vile, and openly seditious, that they would actually protest against America right after the worst attack on our soil in history. I will never forget the visceral disgust I felt for these degenerates when I heard about it. Who could ever have imagined that such a creature would, in less than the span of ten years, be working inside the White House, and have the ear of the President?

Van Jones at 4:38 Mark: “It’s the bombs that the government has been dropping around the world that are now blowing up inside the U.S. borders… We’ve got something stronger than bombs, we have solidarity. That dream of revolutionary change is stronger than bombs.”

Via Breitbart TV:

I can’t wait for the MSM’s non-coverage of this story. It will be a spectacular…

What’s the opposite of firestorm? (like what happened after Trent Lott made a joke in an elevator on Strom Thurmond’s birthday) — cold fizzle?

Yep. Obama’s former Green Czar, who was only let go after his Marxism was exposed by Glenn Beck, but is still an influential player on the left, writing on the front page at  Huffpo, leading the radical Color of Change, and a “Senior Fellow” at “Obama’s idea factory”, Center For American Progress, protested against the United States, while the rest of  us were still recovering from the shock, wiping away our tears, and seething in anger at al Qaeda, the terrorists who were responsible.


I’m still not sure I was able to convey just how deeply offended I was by these protesters.  I remember hearing about it (on Rush?, Hannity?) and being astounded that such a thing was even possible. At the time, the country was almost 100% united in righteous fury at the terrorists responsible for the horrific attack that killed thousands of innocent fellow citizens. Only a malevolent and  extreme lunatic fringe could actually use that time of national outrage and mourning to protest against their own country, I thought. Only eight years later, one of the speakers from that national embarrassment and abomination would actually work in our White House.


Via Andrew Breitbart at Big Journalism:

Take a moment and sign our petition demanding that the Huffington Post not buckle under to the intimidation tactics of this man and the anti-free speech organization he founded. Make your voice heard. Speak truth to power.

Addendum:  The video discussed in this post was originally posted by BizzyBlog in September, 2009.  It was reported on at the time by PowerLine.

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks.


24 thoughts on “Here It Is: Video Of Van Jones Speaking at Oakland Anti-American Rally Right After 9/11

  1. Speaks to Obama’s judgement that he hired this highly confused, lunatic coward to be a close personal advisor.

    I still want to see the video of Obama that the LA Times has been sitting on for years now and refuses to release.


  2. It was poor judgment as far as most people are concerned, but not Obama. I think Obama knew exactly what Van Jones was, and only let him go because that pesky Glenn Beck shined a light on his activities. Obama and Jones are ideological brethren.

    Jones, incidentally, will continue to serve at CAP, and will probably also continue to post at Huffpo.


  3. people, please don’t let the media bury this story. picket the newspapers and television stations if you have to until they report this horrible story. to think that the democratic party put this american hating person in a position to govern the american people is reprehensible. it seems like the entire obama administration is populated by people that hate this country and its people.


  4. I have more respect for a rat or a cockroach than these leftist a**holes. Burn in hell, you demented losers.


  5. Judge a man by the company he keeps.

    This is also who Obama is. And somehow he became president. What a nightmare. Future generations will look back and say, “What the hell were our ancestors thinking?!”


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