Today’s Compare and Contrast

An Iranian woman leans against a 60’s era car:

Photo from Iran, Before The Chador picture gallery

American female soldiers in Afghanistan don the hijab, 2011:

Photo via Weasel Zippers, story at Daily Caller.

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks.


17 thoughts on “Today’s Compare and Contrast

  1. Amazing. 50 years ago women were progressing in the Middle east. Now Our women are forced to digress to a 6th century custom. Is it me or does time seem to be going backwards? And where are all the women’s groups like NOW screaming about how American women are degraded in the middle east? These warrior women are putting their lives on the line for a people who want to put women back into Burka’s? Did I take a crazy pill?


  2. they should refuse to wear them. the american people should be telling our representative we don’t want this.


  3. They are putting our military women in danger. I believe it is military law for them to wear helmets in a war zone. The male in the picture has his helmet on. I am disgusted with this nonsense. Our military discourages Christian customs and yet bows to Islam. Keep all women under must be their motto.


  4. ***
    That’s O.K. The headscarves won’t mean much when the ladies open fire on the Mullahs.


  5. @John Bibb

    Did B Hussein Obama change the rules of engagement? Our
    soldiers are now allowed to actually fire their weapons?
    WTF? Any day now I expect America’s finest to be armed
    with rubber bullets and beanbags a la big sis Napolitano….


  6. For crying out loud. Bring them home. we use to go to war to win war. Now we go to war to win HEARTS??? what a bunch of BS. The Pentagon is more worried about protecting the gays in the military than women in uniform.


  7. According to an Egytian feminist, Leila Ahmed, Arab women learned the custom of covering their heads from Sassanian Christians and Jewish women they came into contact with. I can’t remember the book’s title, but Ahmed is definitely the author.


  8. I am always amazed at the FRAGILITY of Muslim faith. In other religions, the relationship of the follower with God is personal and is grounded in sincere faith. A true Christian or Jew, seeing their holy book being burned will probably pray for the soul of the book-burner. Muslims, on the other hand, seem to feel that Allah and their whole belief system will be irreparably harmed by the destruction of some ink and paper.

    Their insecurity is appalling! They would do well to heed the old Chinese proverb: “Do not mistake the finger pointing at the moon for the moon herself.”


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