Video: Megyn Kelly Covers Union Intimidation Against Wisconsin Businesses (Updated with more videos)

As I reported, yesterday, at least some of the union “strong arm” tactics against businesses in Wisconsin are backfiring,  and the extortionists have scattered like vermin when the light’s turned on – not answering their phones, not returning emails, nowhere to be found…

It turns out their little intimidation tactics may not be -strictly speaking–legal:


The MacIver Institute analyzes the potential impact of the Union boycott threats on the economy in Wisconsin.


And via JayAyS on Twitter,  tis herself, Ms. Dawn Bobo, (whose business has quadrupled since the intimidation began) being interviewed by Stuart Varney:


Union Bullying of Wis. Businesses Backfiring

Wis. Unions Bully Local Businesses With Ultimatum


9 thoughts on “Video: Megyn Kelly Covers Union Intimidation Against Wisconsin Businesses (Updated with more videos)

  1. …and in a related story, the Wisconsin town of Union Grove is proposing a name change to “Freedom Grove”.



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  3. I’m sure that AG Eric Holder will be getting involved very soon…on the side of the union goons. In his mind, the Dawn Bobos of the world are the real threat.


  4. This will backfire on the unions, but the MSM will not report on it, nor will the administration take action against the extortionists. The state should. We’ll have to see if that happens.


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