New TV Ad: Barack Obama’s Legacy Of Failure

A new ad,  “Barack Obama’s Legacy of Failure,” by The Campaign to Defeat Obama, a sister organization to The Tea Party Express is currently running in  some key  battleground states.
The Political Ticker reports:

Joe Wierzbecki, the executive director of the organization, tells CNN that the ad began running this weekend on television stations in Nevada, with ad time being purchased in Michigan and Wisconsin. Wierzbecki says his plan is to eventually also run the commercial in Colorado, Missouri and Ohio. All of these states could be extremely contested in the upcoming battle for the White House.

The group is currently fundraising to pay for the ad buy.

“We’re looking at a budget of $250,000 for this new ad right now. We hope to expand on that, but I won’t know if we’re successful for a few weeks, depending on if our fundraising continues to remain strong,” says Wierzbecki.

You can help them  kickstart this fund-raising drive by contributing online – HERE.


7 thoughts on “New TV Ad: Barack Obama’s Legacy Of Failure

  1. You teabaggers sound like communists. They think everyone should make the same amount of money. Of course, the communist Soviets were as corrupt as the GOPis today.


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  4. Good God, where do these people (Rebecca) and Libs like her, live? Have they been in a deep snoozarama for the last 2 years? This poor simple sap of a woman has it backwards. In the USSR, no private sector, everyone employed by the State. Read a history book Rebecca.


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