Videos: All Eyes On Paul Ryan As The Next Budget Battle Moves Forward

Now that the 2011 budget fight is over, all eyes are turning toward Paul Ryan – the man of the next few weeks/months as his 2012 budget proposal, Path To Prosperity is debated.

Ryan gave the Weekly Republican Address on Friday:


On ABC This Week, George Will threw some red meat to Paul Ryan fans, saying, Ryan is 8 years younger than Obama but vastly more experienced and conversant with these issues.”

Gateway Pundit was offended by Meet the Press host David Gregory‘s opening question to Ryan today on the budget negotiations this week:

“I want to start where I started with Mr. Plouffe. How much responsibility do Republicans take for this spectacle of the near shutdown of the government, and shouldn’t you all be embarrassed?”

Ryan didn’t blink. In fact, to him, the question was a perfect pitch,  right over the plate,  allowing him to knock it out of the park by slamming the Dems for failing to pass a budget, last year.

Watch video, here.


One thought on “Videos: All Eyes On Paul Ryan As The Next Budget Battle Moves Forward

  1. Thank God for men like Paul Ryan. It is good to know we still have a few. That Liberal simply could not understand that this was about what Ryan said it was about: fixing the country’s problems. He is incapable of imagining a world where people actually mean what they say! This is all bad, but eventually, WE SHALL OVERCOME!


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