Video: Boehner on Obama: “Giant Ideological Differences as to How We View the Role of the Federal Government”

House Speaker, John Boehner spoke with Bill Hemmer on Fox’s America’s Newsroom, this morning.

Some highlights:

He compliments the contributions of Republican freshmen, welcomes tea party conservatives to the political arena.

On the coming budget battle “Armageddon”: Says Republican members will not raise the debt limit unless we take serious steps in the right direction.

The President’s plan is to “do nothing”, which is totally irresponsible, and we will not be going down that path. Told him to “forget the next election”…

Describes a “tense moment” with the Vice President, who jumped up during the negotiations with “feigned moral outrage”.  Boehner said, “Joe, what the hell was that?”

On Obama: “Ideologically there are giant differences as to how we view the role of government”.

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Video: Barack The Magic Suit In Imagination Land

I hope you don’t mind if I whiff out another video while I fight this nasty Spring cold.

This is actually a pretty entertaining production from PJ Media’s Andrew Klavan.

Bill Clinton seen nodding in approval.


This fairytale theme gives me an excuse to repost one of my favorite photoshops:

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Video: McCotter Discusses Budget Compromise And The Democrats’ “New Civility”

Yesterday, on Fox, Rep Thaddeus McCotter, (R-MI) weighed in on the difference between Democrats and Republicans on budget issues, noting that the Democrats are locked in a 1960’s and 1970’s attitude toward a big bureaucratic government making decisions for you.

“The Democrats’ doing nothing and spending everything approach means that we’ll have bankruptcy; the Republican reform approach means that we’ll have solvency.”