Waiting for Ed McMahon…

From CNN’s article on their poll:

“Two-thirds say that President Obama has a vision for the country’s future – so expect to hear more about ‘winning the future’ in the coming months,” adds Holland.

We’d better “win” the future, because we’re sure as hell not earning it.

One thought on “Waiting for Ed McMahon…

  1. Unfortunately, Obama really does have a vision for America that is quite clear and consistent: higher oil prices that will produce efficiencies throuhgout the economy; green jobs that will be the engine of prosperity of the future along with the clean future high tech industrires the whole world covets; peace dividends from less “defense” spending; the UN at the helm of international order, a world where the US is only one among many nations and no longer has the will or capacity to lead; a community of nations finally free to pursue peaceful cooperation and properity without the selfish-neo-colonialist-meddling backed up by the end of a US gunboat diplomacy, which will free humanity to pusure truth, justice, freedom and the enlightened self interest that will benefit all of mankind.
    The fact that this is all a complete fantascy and all of it will have catstrophic consequences the likes of which we have not see since 1945 seems lost on his supporters and too many others.
    The time for shutting down the government is fast approaching.


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