Obama Tells Congress, “Sorry, I’m Keeping The Czars”

The budget bill that passed Congress Thursday included a provision to defund a number of White House czars including the “Health Care Czar,” the “Climate Change Czar,” the “Car Czar,” and the “Urban Affairs Czar.”

Ed Morrissey noted, earlier this week:

This list includes three of the most offensive “czars” in the Romanov wing of the Obama administration.  Obama has an HHS Secretary in Kathleen Sebelius, so he doesn’t need a “czar” on health care.  Likewise, his Cabinet includes a Secretary of Energy (Stephen Chu) and Interior (Ken Salazar), so why does the administration need a “climate change czar”?  The government shouldn’t even be in the car business, so the car czar has to go.  And while the “Urban Affairs Czar” hasn’t gotten much press, shouldn’t Shaun Donovan’s role as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development cover, er, urban affairs?

This evening HuffPo reports that ‘Obama had a message for Congress Friday: his so-called “czars” aren’t going anywhere.’

…on Friday night, Obama declared that he intends to ignore that part of the budget legislation, issuing a relatively rare “signing statement” after he inked the budget deal in which he argued that the legislative effort to eliminate those positions was an unconstitutional infringement on the executive branch.

“The President has well-established authority to supervise and oversee the executive branch, and to obtain advice in furtherance of this supervisory authority,” Obama wrote in a message to Congress. “The President also has the prerogative to obtain advice that will assist him in carrying out his constitutional responsibilities, and do so not only from executive branch officials and employees outside the White House, but also from advisers within it.

“Legislative efforts that significantly impede the President’s ability to exercise his supervisory and coordinating authorities or to obtain the views of the appropriate senior advisers violate the separation of powers,” he added. “Therefore, the executive branch will construe [the law as to] not to abrogate these Presidential prerogatives.”

Republicans were not impressed.

“It’s not surprising that the White House, having bypassed Congress to empower these ‘Czars’ is objecting to eliminating them,” said Michael Steel, a spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio).

Not surprisingly, the comments at HuffPo run along the lines of: “Good for you Mr. President !”

Does “executive authority” allow you to flout a law you just signed?


Obama issued two “signing statements”, Friday, the one on the czars and a statement strongly objecting to provisions in the legislation intended to bar the transfer of prisoners detained at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to the U.S., but did not go so far as to outright disregard the provisions. Rather, Obama said he wouldn’t accept any expansion of those restrictions, and would seek the repeal of the ones included in the legislation.

This, of course, represents another egregious flip flop of something he hammered Bush on, and campaigned against.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: When Congress offers you a bill, do you promise not to use presidential signings to get your way?OBAMA: “Yes… This is part of the whole theory of George Bush that he can make laws as he is going along. i disagree with that. i taught the Constitution for 10 years. i believe in the Constitution and I will obey the Constitution of the United States. We are not going to use signing statements as a way of doing an end run around Congress. All right?”

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As Palin Heads To Madison For Tea Party, Lefties In High Gear, Planning Disruptions and “Joking” About Violence

As I reported yesterday,Sarah Palin has made the courageous decision to travel to Wisconsin, ground zero in the ongoing union battles going on across the country, to rally with the tea party, and face down union thugs, who hate her with a burning white hot passion.

Some of the antics that are being planned:

lefties at Dumocratic Underground are planning a counter rally:

Stop Typing and Join us this Saturday, April 16 at the Capitol in Madison! :)

Help us welcome (and drown out) the Tea Baggers…

On Saturday, April 16th, tea party patriots from throughout Wisconsin will gather at the state Capitol in Madison for a rally to celebrate past victories and rally for Wisconsin’s future. The event will be emceed by talk show host James T. Harris and will feature John Fund columnist for The Wall Street Journal.

I found this on that “other site”
“Tell everybody to bring vuvuzelas… and blow the horns for 30 seconds at 1:00, then scream; “CAN YOU HEAR US NOW” :spray:

TEA Party Rally April 16th ~ AFP & other WI Patriot Groups (Madison WI, Capitol, Noon)
Time Saturday, April 16 · 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Location- WI State Capitol in Madistan, WI
Speakers include Vicki Mckenna and Tony Katz. Mark Belling may also be there.

“Americans for Prosperity” (Koch Brothers) are bussing them in from 10 cities around the state …

Gateway Pundit reports: Firefighters Union Threatens to Disrupt Palin-Breitbart Tea Party Tomorrow in Wisconsin

Here’s the announcement:

Saturday, April 16
State Capitol
11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Leave Station #1 at 11 a.m.
(Call J.R. for more info at 216-****)

Come one, come all, hear the call to . . .DUMP TEA! DUMP PALIN!

Please share widely. The puppets are coming, the puppets are coming! Corporate puppets Sarah Palin and “Americans” for “Prosperity” are rallying at our Wisconsin State Capitol on 4/16.

BRING PUPPETS — sock puppets, hand puppets, marionettes, shadow puppets, finger puppets and muppets!

BRING LIBERTY BELLS — that means cowbells, dinner bells, doorbells, jingle bells, you name it, and let’s ring in Wisconsin’s independence from corporate rule!

Let’s show ‘em how we really feel about big corporations passing the tax burden on to the rest of us!

Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection has been watching Twitter:

Via John Nolte at Big Government:

Yesterday, upon hearing of Palin’s decision,, I immediately tweeted something to the effect of, “If there’s violence, Palin will get the blame from the MSM. She had it coming for showing up.” That wasn’t a joke, either. Fact 1: We’ve already seen a campaign of violence in Wisconsin at the hands of pro-union types. Fact 2: We’ve already seen the corrupt MSM blame Palin for Tucson.

This morning, predictably, I woke up to this

Sarah Palin To Be Pelted With Cheese Curds In Wisconsin Saturday

The Koch Brothers think it’s hilarious when their dumb puppets have to go face huge, angry crowds of political opponents. Remember the movie Trading Places? It’s the same idea: Incredibly rich old white creeps just torture their own lackeys whenever it gets dull oppressing the faceless poor and destroying the Earth to make Dixie Cups and Brawny paper douche towels. So the Koch Brothers are bringing Sarah Palin to Madison, right there at the State Capitol, for an “Americans For Prosperity” rally. Haha the union people and college kids are going to pelt her with a million pounds of Wisconsin’s famous Fried Cheese Turds. Or curds, whatever. Curdle Rain. Poor snowbilly grifter! …

It’s a shame this country has turned into such an evil socialist toilet that midwesterners would stoop so low as to stoop down and get a handful of cheese curds and hurl them at Sarah Palin, the Koch Brothers’ latest human prank on Wisconsin.

The entire piece is a smugger-than-thou and an openly hostile laugh riot, laughing at the idea of  a riot.

Sure, it’s easy to dismiss the source; snarky Wonkette being snarky Wonkette, until you realize that Ana Marie Cox, the founder of Wonkette, is now deeply embedded in the MSM. Truth be told, the only difference between the mainstream media and the Wonkette-types out there is the latter’s willingness to be more open about their hate and contempt.

Lefties are so full of self-delusion, they never see how unhinged they look, or how much projecting they do, (as with the Koch puppets).

That’s why it’s important to record what you see, and counter their Koch projection with puppets of your own:

Like this one I made a week or so ago. Confirmed: Emails Prove Wis. Fleebaggers Parroted Union Talking Points

Senate Minority Puppet Mark Miller.

Fran at Eternity Road has a word of caution for teapartiers:

Could it be any clearer that the Left’s agenda is to provoke a violent confrontation with the Right — most particularly with TEA Party attendees, the most energized and visible component of the small-government / Constitutional revival movement in our day?

All that remains of our original Constitutional guarantees of rights are freedom of expression and the vote. Yet these, too, are under attack — and once they’re gone, political disagreements will no longer be resolved by debates and elections. Violence will be the sole instrument for determining transitions in public authority, as it was before democratic mechanisms displaced bullets with ballots.

Do not be deceived: In attempting to prevent us from being heard, the Left’s intention is to remove all non-violent modes of disagreement from the public sphere. Indeed, it’s already resorted to violence and vandalism on several occasions, in the hope that favorable coverage of its shenanigans would focus the blame on the Right. Though your Curmudgeon has written that “whichever side first reaches for violence will lose,” in fact the matter is closer to “whichever side is portrayed as having first reached for violence will lose” — and the Old Media have been reliable friends to the enemies of freedom.

TEA Partiers in Madison tomorrow: Watch yourselves. If possible, form some sort of barrier against the Leftists that they cannot physically cross, and stay within it. Enlist the aid of the authorities to whatever extent you can. If you see a purple SEIU shirt, point it out to those around you, and counsel them to deny the wearer their attention. If blows should be struck, do your best to defend against them without reciprocating them. This is a time for Gandhi’s tactics, not HAMAS’s.

Hat tip: Charles B.

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Video: Obama/Atlas Shrugged Mash-up

Via Ace of Spades, Hq, which by the way, is your one stop shopping place, today, in Obama bashing thoughtful criticism.

You will want to  take the time to read all of these:

Obama’s Deficit Speech: Nothing But Waste, Fraud, and Abuse

Gallup: Obama Job Approval Drops Back To Post-Midterm Low of 41%

Preference Cascades And Forbidden Thoughts

Jay Cost: Obama’s Emptily Cynical Speech Was Just About Propping Up His Support on the Left

As I’ve always said, it’s a false choice to ask if Obama is stupid, or if he is evil; such a question is a distraction from the deeper American value of (dramatic whisper) knowing in our bones that he’s both.


Poll: New Tone Nominees For Week Of 4/09-4/16

Lefties love to blast conservatives for their “vitriolic discourse”, yet often fail spectacularly to maintain basic civility in their own discourse.   The New Tone Award is reserved for liberal notables who wallow in this hypocrisy. Details about what each nominee said to deserve being singled out for this dubious honor, can be found below the poll.

We are starting to see some repeat offenders, and this week, one individual really distinguished himself by earning two slots in the poll.

Poll: New Tone Nominees For Week Of 4/09-4/15

Ed Markey (D-ranged): GOP “Trying To Destroy The Whole Wide World”

Some choice derangement from his rants about GOP legislation to stop ‘net neutrality” and stop the EPA from regulation greenhouse gases without Congressional authority:

  • the GOP is trying to shut down the Internet
  • GOP stands for “gang of polluters”
  • Republicans are trying to destroy the World Wide Web
  • Republicans are trying to destroy the whole wide world
  • from smokestacks belching massive amounts of dangerous global warming pollution
  • human health (from a trace gas necessary for most life on Earth) should be our priority
  • these two evil legislative twins would pull us in the opposite direction

Tingles: “30,000 People Will Die Because of Paul Ryan’s Budget”…

In an interview with actress Ashley Judd about health issues in Africa, Chris Matthews declares 30,000 people will die because of the Paul Ryan plan.

Bill Maher To Rachel Maddow On The GOP: ‘I Hate Them As Much As You Do’

After spending nearly thirteen minutes venting about the Republicans, in the final few seconds, Maher simply concluded, “I don’t know what to say about these people Rachel, I hate them as much as you do.”

Dem Rep. Loretta Sanchez Says Congressional Tea Party Republicans Are Unintelligent For Caring About The Constitution…

Bonus: Mocks them using bigoted southern accent.

Newsweek: “GOP Views Poor As Parasites”…

News Weak frames the budget debate as a War on the Weak: How the GOP came to view the poor as parasites—and the rich as our rightful rulers.

DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz: GOP Budget Plan Kills Seniors

Republicans’ budget plan would put seniors’ lives at risk, the incoming chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) said Thursday.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Florida congresswoman tapped by President Obama to lead the DNC, said she stood by her characterization of Republicans’ 2012 budget as a “death trap” for seniors.

When pressed on whether she intended to say that the GOP budget put seniors’ lives at risk, Wasserman Schultz doubled down.

“That’s exactly what I’m suggesting,” she said during an appearance on CNN.

Olbermann: S.E. Cupp Should Have Never Been Born, Proves ‘Necessity’ of Planned Parenthood

Olbermann posted this on Twitter: “On so many levels she’s a perfect demonstration of the necessity of the work Planned Parenthood does RT @meow_6 #worstpersons S.E Cupp bashing PP on Joy Behar last nite. http://j.mp/hktGUX”

Jim Wallis Says Paul Ryan Is a Bully & Hypocrite Who’s Never Been Around Poor People and Has No Courage

“Paul Ryan is acting like a bully. Bullies pick on people who have no clout. He’s not picking on the people who have the real money. He’s not asking his rich friends to sacrifice. He’s Acting like a bully.  This has to be said out loud.”

Chris Matthews Mocks Fox News as a ‘Roach Motel,’ Admits He’s Gone Easy on Colleague Donald Trump

Hardball’s Chris Matthews on Thursday slammed Fox News as a “roach motel” for possible presidential candidates, knocking the chances of that network’s analysts, Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin. Yet, the MSNBC anchor, who obsesses daily about the so-called birther issue, admitted he hasn’t been as tough on Donald Trump as he could. (Trump, of course, hosts The Apprentice on parent channel NBC.)

Democrat New Tone: Pa Politician Asks If She Can Kill A Colleague, ‘Blow His Brains Out”

…the debate was about the expansion of the Castle Doctrine in Pennsylvania, an expansion that would give more citizens the right to protect themselves from attack. Representative Davidson was attempting to make a point on how she felt the Castle Doctrine was a dangerous law and to illustrate her point she made reference to Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R, Butler County). Metcalfe is a strong Second Amendment supporter and one of the chamber’s conservative members.

In open debate, right on the floor of the House, Davidson said, “If the gentleman from Butler County stood yelling, knowing that he’s a gun-toter, and I felt threatened, would I be protected under court law if I blew his brains out.”

After this outrageous utterance, the Pilly Inquirer’s John Baer reports that Rep. Davidson was so pleased with herself she “giggled.”

As usual, you can make up to 3 selections, but you  can only vote once, here.

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