Picture Of The Day

MADISON, WI – APRIL 16: A weary teapartier rests her head on a shoulder as she waits for Sarah Palin’s speech at the Tax Day Tea Party in Madison, Wis, on Saturday:

Sign-o-the day, here.

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Your Sunday Hymn: All Glory Laud And Honor

For your Palm Sunday:

All Glory, Laud and Honor” is based on verses written in the early Middle Ages. The Latin original, “Gloria, laus et honor tibi sit, rex Christe redemptor” was 78 lines long. It was written as a processional hymn. In the Middle Ages, it was the custom for the clergy and choir to process within the church as well as in the church square and town.

St. Theodulph of Orleans wrote “All Glory, Laud and Honor” while he was in prison, under suspicion of plotting against Emperor Louis I. Legend has it that King Louis passed the prison during the Palm Sunday procession while Theodulph sang this hymn from his window, which so delighted the king that he was immediately liberated. However, the unfortunate truth is that he probably remained imprisoned until his death in 821, possibly of poisoning.


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