CBS News Fudges Madison Tea Party Counter Protest Coverage

Freeper, comps4spice, caught this CBS slight of hand in its  coverage of the Madison tea party, Saturday.

See what they did there? Whether or not there were more counter protesters than Tea Partiers at the Madison rally, is it honest and fair to show a shot from an earlier pro- union protest in a piece  about the Madison rally?

… something caught my eye during the report, specifically when they did a pan of the “liberal crowd”…but they pulled a Dan Rather by using video footage from some liberal rally prior to the April 5th Wisconsin Supreme Court election.

How do I know this? Well, if you go have a look at the video in the link above, pay close attention at the 18 second mark. There is a campaign sign being held by a liberal saying to “Vote Kloppenburg on April 5th”.


Full CBS video, here.

There was a large crowd of tea partiers at the Madison rally considering the inclement weather:

More pictures from the tea party, here. It’s true that they were surrounded by counter-protesters, but why didn’t the CBS reporter cover their thuggish attempts to drown out the tea party speakers? Did anyone in the MSM cover the abominable behavior of the counter protesters?


A comparison of the crowds according to Channel 3000:

A view of the tea party rally, Madison, Wis., 4/16/2011

A view of the counter-rally

There were union counter protesters surrounding the tea party in the first picture. It’s not clear where the tea party crowd ends and the counter protest begins. Barbaric thoughts reports that the pro union counter protesters were  “walking around the sidewalk on the periphery of our rally.”


John at Powerline also picked up on some not-so subtle media bias:

AFP didn’t try to hide what it thinks of the movement in the caption that accompanied a video taken in Massachusetts:

April 15 was tax day in the United States, and Tea Party radicals used it to stage demonstrations across the country, including near the site of the original Boston Tea Party revolt of the colonial era.

Because objecting to unsound fiscal policies that are leading us to bankruptcy is just  oh-so radical.

Also Related:

Ace discusses the media double standard and wonders whether it’s worth our time to constantly point it out:

Watching the media strain to find weirdness and ugliness in the Tea Party highlighted this as clearly as anything else before: Are their no weird, ugly, stupid or hateful people in the left’s various rabbles? Of course there are, but oddly enough the media always focuses like a laser-beam on the more physically attractive, “straighter” (i.e., has normal stuff like family and full-time job), and so on.

They can’t point their cameras at the left-wing rabble-rousers because it contradicts their comfy narrative, and the left knows they can act as brutishly as the want, and the MSM will give them a free pass. It’s a nice little deal they’ve got going, there.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks!

2 thoughts on “CBS News Fudges Madison Tea Party Counter Protest Coverage

  1. The relentless bias of the so-called mainstream media is frustrating, of course. But it’s very important to keep exposing, each and every time it happens. So every one of these examples does have value. Stay strong!


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