Krauthammer: S and P Negative Outlook is a Review of Obama’s Budget Speech

Krauthammer dropped the hammer on Obama again this evening, saying  that S&P’s negative outlook was a review of Obama’s dismal budget speech from last week, which he characterized as a “kick in the teeth at Republicans, (with incidentally, the House leadership and Ryan sitting in front of him”).

He continued, “it was not an invitation to any negotiation. It was a way of saying, you walked into my trap, I’m going to attack you from now until election day.”

video via Newsbusters


I’m getting the feeling that Charles Krauthammer is not at all inclined to like this fellow with the well creased pants.

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2 thoughts on “Krauthammer: S and P Negative Outlook is a Review of Obama’s Budget Speech

  1. As leader, it’s easy to create whatever you wish when there’s no media to contradict you. Duh-1 can pull any numbers out of his hat he wants to, and the media will simply trumpet them and declare every day how wonderful he is.

    Has nothing to do with reality.

    Neither do the reasons for the votes of the dunderheads who vote(d) for him.


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