Wonkette Removes Disgusting Anti-Trig Post After Bottom Line Suffers

The genius behind the “rude” post

After so many advertisers dropped Wonkette like a hot potato, they finally removed the offensive post, with an apology for their “poor comedic judgment”.

I wasn’t going to make any more of this Wonkette story, after linking to Dana Loesch’s story at Big Journalism, yesterday, because they don’t deserve the attention..

But, it’s not often that we get to see the slimiest bullies on the left get the comeuppance  they deserve, and we are witnessing that, right now. Even though Wonkette’s disgraceful post, earlier this week, was not the first time they had attacked Sarah Palin through her disabled child, (and it is probably not going to be the last), it is satisfying to watch them squirm as bloggers on the left as well as right condemn their despicable behavior, and as their advertisers bail.

So savor Wonkette’s fall from grace. They deserve every bit of negative attention, they’re getting.


Video: Sean Hannity v.s. Keith Ellison

After he blustered, “I didn’t really come on this show to get into a debate with you about every quote I have ever made”, it went downhill pretty quickly. Especially risible is his contention that America is at war with Christian and Jewish extremists as well as Islamic extremists.

What abject nonsense:

It’s hard to determine whether Ellison was engaging in taqiyya, or just your basic lefty propaganda/dissemination, but he sure was full of it.