Video: Sean Hannity v.s. Keith Ellison

After he blustered, “I didn’t really come on this show to get into a debate with you about every quote I have ever made”, it went downhill pretty quickly. Especially risible is his contention that America is at war with Christian and Jewish extremists as well as Islamic extremists.

What abject nonsense:

It’s hard to determine whether Ellison was engaging in taqiyya, or just your basic lefty propaganda/dissemination, but he sure was full of it.


5 thoughts on “Video: Sean Hannity v.s. Keith Ellison

  1. To elect a fascist, anti-American. caliphate-wanting, sharia-loving Muslim is not “liberal”, it is stupid, and the people of Minneapolis would be the last to recognize that.

    The sad thing is, they have foisted this piece of pig poop on the rest of the country.


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