Video: Rep West 100% Correct About Obama

Back in January, I expressed concern about some of the rhetoric I was hearing coming out of West.  Not to belabor the point, some of what I was hearing sounded a little  inappropriate, and I stand by that assessment.

This, however, I have no absolutely no problem with:

Greta wondered if West wanted to back away from his opinion that Obama acts like  a “low-level Socialist agitator”. Why? In what way was that false?

Let’s evaluate that description word by word.

Low-level: Barack Obama is the President of the entire United States of America. We expect him to act like a President to all Americans, whether we agree with him or not. George W. Bush put up with eight years of the worst venom and abuse the left could spew at him, and he was never anything but a statesman. He never insulted or demagogued his fellow Americans. We expect that from our presidents. They traditionally leave the mud-slinging to lower-level operatives. Not this guy –Obama has no problem calling conservative activists; “teabaggers”, Republicans; “radicals”, climate change skeptics; “deniers”, and ruthlessly demagoguing political opponents in speeches.

The ND truth-o-meter gives “low-level”  a 100% true rating.

Socialist: Um…duh? After two and a half years of Obama, people — especially pundits,  shouldn’t act shocked and outraged to hear Obama described as Socialist. He’s been pushing a socialist agenda since day one, as should be obvious to anyone paying attention. His biggest allies in Congress belong to the Progressive (Democratic Socialist) Caucus. He came out of the Socialist “New Party” in Chicago. None of this is a secret. No less a personage than Charles Krauthammer  has described Obama’s vision for America as based on the “social-democratic model” that is “currently unraveling in Europe”.

I’ve been saying for over two years that it’s time to rebrand the Democrat party as the Democrat Socialists that they are. Democratic moderates (if there are any left)  need to understand what the party of their grandparents has become.

The ND Truth-o-Meter gives “Socialist” a 100% true rating.


What else do you call a guy who seems to delight in pitting Americans against one another? The first few times it happened, it was shocking. No one had ever seen that kind of behavior in a sitting President, before. Now, even though we expect it from him, it’s still profoundly  unacceptable. Whether it’s a call for liberal Hispanics to “punish their enemies” , at the ballot box, or mocking Obamacare opponents, disparaging tea partiers, encouraging union thugs to “punch back twice as hard”, or  attacking Fox News — “agitator” is the word that comes to mind.

The ND Truth-o-Meter gives “Agitator” a 110% true rating.

Congressman West is speaking  truths that people need to hear. More power to him.

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6 thoughts on “Video: Rep West 100% Correct About Obama

  1. The leftists delight in calling themselves “democratic socialists” now.

    Hmmm. Do they even bother to learn what the word “Nazi” stands for? And except for the cooperation of the Lame Brain Media, the public would realize what “Nazi” is an acronym for, too.


  2. Wonderful !
    Another awesome West video !
    Calling a spade a spade.
    It’s not out there or going to far when it is a true statement.


  3. The best part of the truth is that it’s not ever relative. One’s opinion of it may be, but the Truth itself isn’t.

    It may be offensive to some, too, but that will never diminish it. West may have a chip on his shoulder, but what the heck – so do I, and so do most people I know, one way or another.

    I just think West shows his more than most politicians because he realizes the late hour of our Republic.


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