Video: Lefties Disrupt Allen West’s Town Hall – One Arrest Made –UPDATE: It Was Air America Host, Nicole Sandler

A few days ago, The Hill reported that the left was aiming to duplicate the genuine anti-ObamaCare angst of the 2009 Democrat town halls, charitably putting it: Left hopes for town-hall rage of its own.

Hopes for? How about “ostentatiously orchestrating” …

And the left’s  idea of “town hall rage” isn’t asking the congressman some tough questions, it’s shouting him down, acting like unhinged lunatics, and having to be escorted out of the building by security.

The Shark Tank’s Javier Manjarres was in Fort Lauderdale for Rep. Allen West’s town hall, tonight:

Immediately after Allen West took the stage at his Town Hall meeting on Tuesday Evening in Fort Lauderdale, several hecklers who were planted in the crowd began to jeer and interrupt his remarks, forcing West to pause several times and then continue once the crowd calmed down.  Police were ultimately forced to removed one of the hecklers from the event. When the hecklers refused to stop their harassment, West stated, “You’re not going to intimidate me.”

The lefties have put their own version of what happened on YouTube. Here’s the “back and forth” she was referring to, which just sounds like a lot of yelling:

Sharky notes that she had been acting in a disruptive and combative manner by yelling at the Congressman and even harassing his wife. After she was escorted out, she was arrested for continuing her tirade and swearing at the officer.

Here’s a better view of the ruckus taken by

While answering a question on Medicare and the need to make it solvent to save the program for future generations, a protester jumps up and begins shouting and screaming at West. Eventually, the protester is led away by police and later arrested for trespassing after warning. The protester? Former Air America radio show host Nicole Sandler.

The Daily Caller has more on the story: Air America host arrested for disrupting Allen West town hall event.

It does appear to be her.

Although she certainly doesn’t look like her publicity shot:

More at Red Broward: Broward DEMOCRAT Area Leader & Air America Host Disrupt Allen West Town Hall, Arrest Made.(VIDEO)

The latest staged protest at a Congressman Allen West town hall has lead to an arrest. RED BROWARD has been reporting on the coordinated efforts by Democrats to stage protests at West events in the hopes of getting video for attack ads. Last month, it was CAIR representatives trailing the Congressman. Tonight, a former Air America radio host and a Broward Democratic Committee Area Leader joined the act.

Wow, how spontaneous! —how organic! How totally grass roots these left-wing protests are, (one protester a Democrat operative, another a former Air America talk show host)…



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