Why Not? McCotter For President

S.E. Cupp makes a good case for it at NY Daily News:

While Obama was making waves at Columbia University and Harvard Law School, McCotter was toiling away in total obscurity at the infrequently cited University of Detroit. While Obama was teaching constitutional law at the University of Chicago, McCotter was practicing law in southeast Michigan. While Obama was writing his memoirs, McCotter was rewriting the Wayne County charter to ensure that any new taxes would win the approval of 60% of voters. McCotter grew up middle class and is unmistakably from the heartland, with (unfortunately) little interest in becoming a “national figure.”

And as much as he enjoys cracking a paper-dry joke (usually at his own expense), when it comes to the business of public service, he takes it very seriously. He once tried to eliminate the Republican Policy Committee, arguing it was redundant and that the taxpayers would be better served keeping the $400,000 it cost to keep it running. At the time, he was its chairman, a role that made him the fourth most powerful person in the GOP leadership.

He is unflinchingly conservative, an unapologetic defender of American exceptionalism and the war on terror; he prizes good works over big promises. He was one of 59 Republicans who voted against House Speaker John Boehner‘s last-minute budget deal with Democrats, making him a favorite among Tea Party voters.

He championed the Iraq surge and hammered Obama for ignoring Iran‘s Green Revolution, before either were popular arguments. And unlike so many Republican alarmists, he believes the ingenuity and faith of the American people assure that our best days are ahead of us.

At a time when so many Americans revile politicians for being part of the establishment, he sits unnervingly outside of it, at a matter-of-fact table with a matter-of-fact sign. So un-Trump.

And so amid a sea of slick salesmen vying for the Oval Office, including the man who currently occupies it, McCotter’s disregard for personal glory, his contempt for power grabs and his ability to bring common-sense solutions to some of our most nagging national problems might not make him the darling of the political glitterati. It should, however, make him a candidate for President.

Read it all.

McCotter’s voting record is here.
Here’s Greg Gutfeld on RedEye making the case for a  McCotter candidacy:
 I actually love the idea.

A tremendously important story has gone virtually untold by the media, ignored by our political leaders, and unknown to the American public. Despite the extraordinarily high price they have paid, America’s severely wounded veterans are enduring humiliating financial hardships of epic proportions. Home evictions, utility shutoffs, car repossessions, and foreclosures are commonplace.

“The Armed Forces Family Aid Concert” seeks to benefit those families suffering severe financial hardship.

The concert is scheduled to take place April 29th through May 1st on a 40 acre farm outside of Dayton, Ohio. Bands from across America and of all music backgrounds (rock, country, rap, blues, etc) will be performing, including Congressman Thad McCotter (R-MI) and his band, The Flying Squirrels!

And here’s McCotter talking to Lou Dobbs about Obama’s “lethargy policy” at the pump:

Key quote: “President Obama and the Democrats do support drilling, but it’s into your wallet for more money.”

Getting kinda psyched, here. Run McCotter run!

See also:

Legal Insurrection: So Tell Me About Paul Ryan:

Specifically, tell me about Paul Ryan as a presidential candidate, now that there are murmurings that he may jump in.

Why not?  Republicans are going to have to defend the Ryan plan, who better to do it than Ryan.

Don’t get me started….love the guy. Not happy he voted for the bailout, but I can forgive him. The conventional wisdom was that it was necessary to prevent a worldwide depression. I would love to see either of these guys in a one on one debate with Zero.


7 thoughts on “Why Not? McCotter For President

  1. Conservatives’ problem for 2012 is that so great a fraction of our most appealing potential candidates are Representatives — and it’s a long jump from the lower House to the White House. (Last achieved by James Garfield in 1881, and never by anyone else, if you’re curious.)


  2. I like Thaddious. Color me green with envy. However if McCotter can not oust Debbie Stabenow from the Senate, it says that McCotter is just not electable out of his district.


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