Gas Pump Sticky Note Campaign Gaining Steam

The idea originated with the blogger, Disrupt the Narrative, who provided a PDF you could download and print. Now, a simpler sticky-note crusade is  gaining steam all across America. The Facebook site, The ‘Hope and Change’ Sticky Note Campaign,   is dedicated to spreading the word about this grassroots activism:

****** “America’s GAS-ROOTS movement”! ******

Purchase a pad of large sticky notes. Write on each one, “How’s that Hope & Change working out for you?” Every time you stop to fill your vehicle with gas, place your sticky note somewhere on the pump before you drive away. DO NOT be destructive in ANY way! Place your sticky note somewhere, so as not to impede the next customer’s ability to read the pump’s digital readout.

After placing your sticky note, please consider taking a digital picture, then uploading it to our wall. Please tell us in which city and state the picture was taken. This is meant to be a “quiet” protest by our silent majority of Americans, to be served upon this administration!! Thank you all for your support!

And the pump isn’t the only place people are sticking the stickies:

Places to stick your sticky’s!
1. The Gym
2. Food Stores, on food items, indicate the price of the item.
3. Gas Stations
4 Doctor’s Offices
5. Restrooms, on the toilet, sink, mirror, door, towel dispenser, etc.
6. Self Check Out Machines, right where the change comes out.
7. Hunting Clubs
8. Bars
9. Shopping carts, on the handle, baby seat, etc.
10. Bulletin Boards in stores
11. Red Boxes
12. Leave Fliers in empty shopping carts
13. Your Electric and Water Meters
14. Flea Markets
15. Resort Areas you visit
16 The “Mom and Pop” stores.
17. Your Computer, Bulletin Board, Desk, etc. at work! It will generate some questions.
18. ATM’s, where the money comes out.
19. Fast Food Drive, on the order screen.
20. Fast Food Restrooms, on the toilet, sink, mirror, door, towel dispenser, etc.
21. Car Washes
22. Laundromats

Here are some more pictures from the Facebook site:

sticky notes have gone up, too.

mass-produced stickies.

James M. Simpson at Big Government expresses the beauty of it all, very well:

The Left has stealthily worked for decades to forever change this country, with the Agitator-in-Chief’s policies threatening to push us all off the economic cliff before 2012. Yet the Left has an almost hysterical fear of the Tea Party, because it represents the one great unknown that the best laid plans of the Left– even with billions of Soros money – cannot foretell: the resourcefulness and spirit of Americans.

And that great, innovative American spirit has done it again. Without billions, millions, thousands, hundreds or even tens of dollars; without strategy sessions, focus groups, coordination with media “Journolists” or anything else, patriotic Americans have launched another devastating offensive in what has come to be called the “Sticky Note Campaign.”

Sticky notes and flyers are being attached to gas pumps, at grocery stores and retail outlets all over the country, reminding people who we can thank for all this “change.”


With typical Tea Party scruples, all the websites carrying this story urge would-be Sticky Note Campaigners not to be destructive in any way. They advise you to place the sticky note in such a way that it will not impede any customer’s ability to see prices, read the gas pump’s digital readout, or operate any of the equipment.

I would contrast this with the way Obama’s union buddies behave when they are trying to make a point, or the way a rally site looks after the Leftists leave versus the Tea Party, but you already know the answer.

Update, May 1:

Here’s mine.

I had to fill up three times, this weekend for a road trip I went on with my girls. We left one of these at the pump, each time.

Linked by Hyscience, and Doug Ross, thanks!


21 thoughts on “Gas Pump Sticky Note Campaign Gaining Steam

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  5. Please, Please, Please, NO OBAMA 2012. Our dollar continues to decrease by the day, when it comes close to full burn out, Obama will wipe out your checking and savings accts and nothing you can do to stop him once done. He is a pupet in a major U.S. over haul and if reelected, kiss our freedom and way of life as we know it goodbye.


  6. I would urge everyone NOT to use pre-printed notes, or to make them look too slick. We want to avoid the appearance of uniform, mass-union-produced propaganda that the Left uses to get its word out. This has to be a true, grass-roots effort.



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  8. What makes you think that putting notes in places you don’t own or have permission to do so is a good idea? There is a reason that a car dealer wouldn’t advertise on a gas pump or a dentist wouldn’t put a note to advertise by the toothbrushes. If they did that they know they wouldn’t get taken seriously, Plus the fact that posting leaflets or unauthorized advertising is illegal. It also falls under graffiti and vandalism laws depending on how your local law is worded. Companies pay to have advertising on grocery shelves that merchandisers put there, and the fact that you are not paying to put your message in that space, it wouldn’t be a far stretch to call that stealing. This campaign is nothing more than high school vandalism and then you take a picture and laugh about it. Plus the fact that a recent poll showed that 90% of americans blame Wall Street and Oil companies for high gas prices and not Obama just makes you look foolish.


  9. Oh my, “vandalism, graffiti, and illegal advertising”….you have this all figured out, don’t you? Yet there have been no complaints, or arrests.

    And if 90% of Americans are misplacing blame, all the more reason to continue the campaign.


  10. No arrests, I guess this is ok then. I cannot wait to see people sharing their messages with those non distructive sticky notes everywhere I go. Gas pumps, store shelves, atm’s and everything else should be a public bulletin board, a place for people to share their message. i will suggest it to the car dealer next time I go in, I am sure he will love the idea of putting their message out for free and I’m sure it will be taken seriously.


  11. I cannot wait to see people sharing their messages with those non distructive sticky notes everywhere I go.

    Good, take a picture if you see one and send it to me. I’d be happy to post it.


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