OBL Death Photo a Fake – Will Obama Administration Release The Real Thing?

Last night, after seeing this (too good to check) photo in many different places on the web, I posted it in an update to my Osama Bin Laden Dead post, noting that I had no idea if it was legit, but it was something I had been seeing. Then almost immediately, I felt foolish, and applying the internet 3 second rule, I took it down, because I was about 100% sure it was fake.

The MSNBC Photo Blog looked into it:

An image circulating on the Internet and displayed on some television news programs abroad purports to show Osama bin Laden’s bloody corpse. No U.S. or Pakistani officials have confirmed its authenticity, and two U.S. officials have warned NBC News that the image is a hoax.

Based on an initial look into the image file, we agree, and think it’s a fake. At first glance, the pixelation around the “wound” area and the odd lack of transition between different colored cloth and flesh indicate that the image has been manipulated.

Furthermore, the facial expression and beard are very reminiscent of a 1998 image of bin Laden, the first picture shown below. Next to it, we show the original resolution of the “corpse” image as we’ve seen it (197 by 263 pixels), “flopped” 180 degrees on the horizontal axis to conform to the original 1998 image’s beard orientation. The third image is a blended image of the two, with the “corpse” image at 100 percent opacity below the original image at 43 percent opacity. The way the images “lock” in place at the mouth, beard and nose indicate to us that the image circulating on the Web and some foreign television outlets is nothing but a clumsy fake:

Anyhoo, I’ve gotten 5000+ Google searches for that pic, (how embarrassing) since I took it down. There is definitely a hunger out there for the death photo.

MSNBC further reports:

A senior U.S. official says that they are still deciding whether to release a still photo of dead bin Laden.

“It is really, really graphic,” the official said, adding that U.S. officials are trying to decide whether it is just too graphic to put out.

9/11 was really, really graphic, too, if I remember right.

I say, release the photo.


Jake Tapper reports:

The argument for releasing them: to ensure that the public knows and can appreciate that he’s dead. There is of course skepticism throughout the world that the US government claim that it killed bin Laden is true.

The argument against releasing the pictures: they’re gruesome. He has a massive head wound above his left eye where he took bullet, with brains and blood visible.

To which Drew at AoSHQ responds:

I want a nice high quality copy to use on my computer’s desk top.

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks.


28 thoughts on “OBL Death Photo a Fake – Will Obama Administration Release The Real Thing?

  1. Call me suspicious, call me HIGHLY skeptical, call me anything you like, but I do NOT trust Barack Hussein Obama and his EVIL administration, not in ANY way, and if the above is true, if Bin Laden’s body has been buried at sea, I am even MORE skeptical and in disbelief at this whole thing.

    Think about it for a minute, Barack Hussein Obama’s poll numbers are in the tank, he is rapidly going down in history as the WORST President EVER, and all of a sudden there’s a supposedly REAL birth certificate for Barack Hussein Obama, and then, Osama bin Laden dead? All in one week?

    Really? What’s next? Magic Fairy Dust, Unicorn farts and the Lucky Charms Leprechaun are going to fix the economy?

    Americans were joyous last night. There was an impromptu gathering around the gates of the White House, people singing *God Bless America*, chanting USA, USA, USA. There were more impromptu gatherings at Ground Zero and in Times Square.

    The joy is easily understandable, I was happy to hear the news too, and then reality hit me like a sack of cement.


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  3. TexasFred says, TexasFred Says:
    May, 2, 2011 at 2:12 pm
    “Call me suspicious, call me HIGHLY skeptical, call me anything you like, but I do NOT trust Barack Hussein Obama and his EVIL administration, not in ANY way.”
    My sentiments, exactly. I also say, Wow, they finally got a man that has been on dialysis since before 9-11. Listening to all the liars. It was sickening, last night?

    It happened a week ago but, wait, “Just now breaking news”, there were three others killed”. A week ago but, just now warning American travelers. Gosh, they didn’t do this a week ago when our administration knew Osama had been killed and we were at risk!! Not to mention suddenly it is USAMA INSTEAD OF OSAMA, thank you Fox News for all your truth, naught. What was the problem? Afraid of showing the likeness of the name Osama to the name OBAMA.

    Anyone who believes this has happened as we are being told is absolutely, sorry, ignorant. Are Americans REALLY THIS GULLIBLE?


  4. If we cant see real photos then it aint real to me. I want proof, pretty strange how only 24 hours after he was killed he is dropped into the sea?! Yea rite, jus a way for the gov to cover up that he isnt dead and mastermind another way to do damage to us and blame Bin ladens ppl for doin it. 9/11 was the works of our Goverment, if you dont know then go watch the documentary of 9/11 hoax n c the AMERICAN Air Force planes r what hit the twin towers. Insane. Bin Laden aint dead till I see a real photo not one that has been photoshopped!


  5. excuse me, but isn’t it a bit extreme to say that Osama Bin Laden was never killed, or that President Obama isn’t trust worthy. I mean, no one can fake one this big even if he is the president. The whole world is watching this and no one wants to put people in danger by making them believe that the biggest terrorist in history is dead when he’s not. This would be helping Osama Bin Laden and you can’t honestly be saying that President Obama is trying to help terrorists.


  6. Those of us who were able to see and hear the unfolding of the story, last night, were sickened by inconsistencies being spewed out. The story changed as we viewed it.

    At least one would think they could get the date and time coordinated before making this historical announcement. I have NO DOUBTS OUR MILITARY COULD DO THIS type of successful operation. I just don’t believe it happened the way we are being told.


  7. It happened a week ago but, wait, “Just now breaking news”, there were three others killed”.

    Where are you getting that the raid happened a week ago?

    It happened Sunday afternoon.

    9/11 was the works of our Goverment

    Good Lord.


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  9. #1: If you are not capable of forming a coherent or grammatically correct sentence, you shouldn’t be posting comments in a public forum.
    #2: Obama is dead. Perhaps some of you should consider the ramifications of making a photo of his corpse public (ie, military installations are already on high alert with the possibility of backlash). American people are under the impression that they need to know everything. There is a very specific reason we don’t, it’s to protect us. Use your head.
    #3: Seems as though “faking” something like this would be more beneficial a little closer to an election…
    #4: TexasFred, Do I sense a little hostility because Barack HUSSEIN Obama has accomplished something that George W Bush was unable to do in his two terms of president? But hey, he was the one that drove our economy into the ground so that’s something, right? This thing that just happened? It’s a little something we like to call WINNING. What happens when you’re winning? You’re reelected. Oh, and do you seriously think he could have ever made it into office without having his citizenship validated? You can’t even get a job in the federal government without providing a birth certificate.
    #5: 9/11 happened. If you think you know anything about what happened during those attacks based off of some documentary put together by someone who also knows NOTHING, then you should drink the cool aid. Oh, and Donald Trump is a joke.


  10. You were doing fine, Ash, until #4. (although it’s *Osama not Obama) Then you went off the rails. Democrats have held the country’s purse strings since 2007, which is when the economic downturn started. Obama at the helm has only exacerbated the situation to the point that we are going off the proverbial cliff, unless we drastically reduce spending, (which Democrats aren’t willing to do).

    I wouldn’t consider Obama a shoo in for 2012 with the economy in the tank as it is.

    *Everybody’s been making that mistake, today.


  11. I don’t think Osama is dead. And from the start of the election I didn’t think that Obama should be president. His name is just terrifying to me. My whole family thought the same. Osama and Obama I mean come on. We need a better president because all Obama is doing is running America into the ground and making more war. Osama isn’t dead. I believe Obama is helping terrorists and for that matter trying to make him look better as an US President to us, but I don’t know about you , but I’m not buying it.


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  13. Amanda, not sure if word association is what you need here. Your really not thinking for yourself and parroting other ideals…


  14. Osama’s killing is bullshit American lie. They think that the world will believe this story. …. A man is who is being hunted like hungry dogs from the last 10 years, and when US found him, instead of picking him alive, they simply shot him and threw his body in the sea. What a joke………………………
    Another blunder like 9/11


  15. Why are people so happy? Its not like the Alqida will retire from all its actions! They will continue coming up with ways to kill… sadly. People need to be more realistic its not just getting rid of these kind of people that will resolve all worries but its changing mentality and what is right and wrong on Islamic basis for they say they are fighting under ‘Islam’ and killing people under ‘Islam’ which honestly ‘Islam’ forbids from doing.


  16. Bin Laden has been dead for 9 years. Obaaaamaaaa still has some of the sheeple fooled. And Ash, you are a SHILL.


  17. @ Nick, “eek” to the Obama/Osama mix-up. Marymary, you’ve made an excellent point….? Ameena, people are happy because the man responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people has been removed from a place of power. And perhaps it makes people feel like this war was not a complete loss. No one believes this is the end, and as of yet, I don’t believe any of our leaders have expressed that opinion. In fact, everything I’ve heard from this administration is “it may get worse before it gets better”.

    And Amanda, making judgments based off of someone’s name does little more than make you sound ignorant.


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  19. Ash, I respect what you have to say but from what i’ve seen people think that this will cause a ‘game over’ for terrorism which worries me. I know that this will not end all the ‘special’ check-in procedures i go through as being a Muslim. I just wish people can become more educated than rational. Obama may have thought of this as a way to improve his image and be a hero for him to win the next elections but we will see. But getting to bin laden and cornering him and rather than getting him alive we shot him and threw his body in the sea…..? oh plllz


  20. This is not a Human it is a animal so I have no problem showing it .Its body should have been hung up at ground zero and spat on.


  21. I’ve always wanted to know what was the hard evidence that proves that he was the mastermind of 9/11? any videos?


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