Will Obama Break Down And Give Bush Some Credit For Bin Laden Kill?

 Obama is looking more than a little crass for taking full credit for Bin Laden’s downfall, as do his minions who have been crowing all over the net and airwaves that 2012 is a “sure thing”. According to The Politico, they are just seizing the opportunity to portray Obama as a decisive leader:

… one Democratic communications hand sent advice to a slew of other Democratic operatives in the wake of the announcement hammering on the need to make sure Obama comes out on top.

“In your day jobs, do not let Republicans turn this into continuing the Bush legacy. This has to be about Obama’s decisive leadership,” the guidance said. “He is the one who oversaw bringing bin Laden to justice, much like how Bush failed to do so at Tora Bora and then claimed Osama wasn’t a priority.”

This Washington Post poll that shows  51% of the American people think that President Bush deserves some credit, may be a game changer, though.

You know what happened when the birth certificate issue started polling badly for Obama, mmmkay? An abrupt about-face after two and a half years of obstinate resistance.

In the very near future, President Obama may give a speech in which the former president is “graciously” given some credit  for the intelligence work that led to Osama Bin Laden’s demise. Perhaps he’ll use his “victory lap” appearance at Ground Zero on Thursday, to acknowledge Bush’s role.

Or…he can continue to endure mocking opeds like this one by Andrew Malcolm on John Brennan’s Press Conference: Osama bin Laden dead: Yes, SEALs were in on the raid, but aides hail Obama’s office bravery:

…the emphasis, with 2012 just around the calendrical corner, was on the boss’ valor. “There was nothing that confirmed that bin Laden was at that compound,” Brennan related as if such uncertainty is uncommon in war.

“And, therefore,” Brennan continued, “when President Obama was faced with the opportunity to act upon this, the president had to evaluate the strength of that information and then made what I believe was one of the most gutsiest calls of any president in recent memory.”

According to early reports of the incident, detailed here in The Ticket, 24 SEALs rappelled down ropes from hovering Chinooks in post-midnight darkness Monday Pakistan time with Osama security forces shooting at them. Brennan didn’t have much time to go into all that today, the goal is to elevate the ex-state senator to at least a one-star commander-in-chief.

Here’s something else that didn’t get much recognition in all the street celebrations or all-hail-Obama briefings:

The trail to Monday morning’s assault on Osama’s Pakistan compound began during someone else’s presidency. That previous president authorized enhanced interrogation techniques which convinced folks like Khalid Shaikh Mohammed to give up, among many other things, the name of their top-secret courier, now deceased. His travels ultimately led the CIA back to Osama’s six-year-old suburban home.

Iowahawk has your read of the night: American Pride is Back Out of the Closet!

Yes, it’s true that some pre-January 2009 antiwar activists have remained morally and logically consistent in their opposition to America’s military presence in the Mideast; but, thank God, it appears now they were only a tiny, insignificant minority. Recent events have happily made clear that the antiwar movement of 2001-8 was overwhelmingly dominated by a vast silent hypocritical majority of craven political opportunists awaiting a Democratic administration to gleefully celebrate the covert execution of a man whom, until 28 months ago, they would have described as a “tragic civilian casualty.”

Who is to credit for this rebirth in American national unity? First and foremost, we must cite the leadership of President Obama. Like many Americans – and the Nobel Peace Prize committee – I naively feared he was actually serious when he initially proposed shutting down Guantanamo, trying detainees in American civilian courts, and prior consultation with the international community. Little did I know that this untested young Commander-in-Chief would muster the courage to read his weekly Gallup numbers and, in one daring unilateral extra-judicial targeted hit job, toss aside every single idiotic foreign policy principle of his election campaign. Perhaps most satisfyingly, it was a mission made possible thanks to information extracted by methods he previously banned as “illegal torture.”

But this triumphant new era in situationally-unified American bloodlust does not belong to the President alone; we must also cite Congress’s born-again waterboarders like Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and their newfound enthusiasm for what (at least until 9pm Sunday) they would have once considered illegal military murder squads. Neither can we forget the watchdogs of America’s press, who have shown unprecedented ethical flexibility in shedding their long-held Gandhi moralism and embracing their inner Rambo.

Read it all.


Ace: Obama Invites Bush To Ground Zero Thing on Thursday; Bush Declines, Deciding He’ll Pass On The Level of Courtesy and Respect Obama Showed Paul Ryan

Yes, come on down, and sit mutely as as President Obama insults you repeatedly while controlling the microphone and camera.

Except I don’t think Obama was going to do that, this time. He’s looking at the polls….


20 thoughts on “Will Obama Break Down And Give Bush Some Credit For Bin Laden Kill?

  1. I doubt it. the Man is very self center. the night he was elected President, he wouldn’t even share the Stage with His family!


  2. It doesn’t matter. The right people understand that the credit first goes to the military and the CIA, and then up the food chain.

    I’m glad he’s dead, sad his body wasn’t used appropriately as a warning to the next ten generations that deliberately plotting the deaths of thousands of Americans comes with a very high price tag, and back to the real world where Obama may have deserved a cookie for actually doing his job yesterday, but deserves to be back in my doghouse for the yards and yards of FAIL! that he continues to drape himself and the adminstration in.

    The people he doesn’t want to share credit with didn’t do it because they thought events would one day vindicate their decisions. They did it for the same reason they did the job day in and day out in the face of incredibly biased criticism and rancor: because they believe in this country and they wanted to preserve it against those who would destroy it. Sometimes the eye contact and the knowing nod have to be enough, and they have big enough shoulders to accept it as the thanks of the truly grateful people.


  3. We should give Bush some credit for continually allowing Bin Laden to escape and taking our focus off the war on terror and focusing on Iraq, which allowed the Obama administration to kill him. Kudos to W!


  4. continually allowing Bin Laden to escape
    Examples, please.

    Iraq was part of the War on Terror, but you’re absolutely right that one of the al Qaeda fighters that we picked up in Iraq and was interrogated by the CIA, gave us actionable intelligence that led to this outcome. Very good. Now if only Obama would acknowledge that.


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  6. Who cares what President Snow Job does or says? He is a coat tail poser who has to read a teleprompter to complete a sentence without saying “uh.” In my day we called that kind of lunkin head a “Mouth breather.” He is a man of average intellect, unquantified and unqualified achievement, and not much gumption when it comes to taking heat and criticism. He bows to Muslim kings and doesn’t mind lettting our enemies mock his ineffectiveness. Who cares if he gives Bush credit for anything? I hope he never does- it just proves the point about what a pussy he is. The fatherless child is a sad case— this one is no exception. He has to father himself so he is a legend in his own mind. Sorry SOB if you ask me. Can we stop talking about his flaws now? Perhaps more about how we are going to unseat this cheating scoundrel with deep pockets and the Red Queen media in his corner.


  7. Anyone who is unable to give Obama credit for the death of Bin Laden is ignorant! He is our current President, our current commander-in-chief! You may not have voted for him, you may not like him, but he made this decision, he commanded the mission! If Bush had killed Bin Laden, Bush devotees would already be carving his face on the side of Mt. Rushmore; even building shrines to St. George!
    And to you, Imperial Consigliere, are you sure that your name isn’t Imperial Dragon? Or maybe Grand Dragon?


  8. Who isn’t willing to give Obama credit for giving the okay (after a 16 hour delay) to kill Bin Laden? No one here is denying him that.

    Most people have noticed that he didn’t acknowledge the previous administration’s contributions – which he happened to oppose at the time, and ran against –(which sort of explains the lack of recognition).

    And did you seriously just use the race card against one of my co-bloggers? You might want to walk that back.

    Because I have about 0 tolerance for that BS.


  9. Anyone who is unable to give Obama credit for the death of Bin Laden is ignorant! He is our current President, our current commander-in-chief!

    Yes, he is. And I have given him credit for sacking up and doing his job for once in his miracle political career, despite the fact that the decision might have some consequences.

    84. Blackiswhite, Imperial Consigliere | May 2, 2011 at 6:14 pm
    And for the record, this op could not have goner forward without the apoproval of Obama, who knew it would require us to act alone in the borders of another nation (I hesitate to use the word “sovereign” as that implies a degree of control over what occurs within your borders). In otherwords, he had to act KNOWING that there would likely be some fallout. While we could argue the merits of whether he really had a choice, I will go out on a limb and give him the benefit of the doubt that this required more backbone and fortitude than he likes to exhibit, and I will give up a golf clap for his rare decision in favor of American interests.


    You may not have voted for him, you may not like him, but he made this decision, he commanded the mission!

    Correct, Correct, Correct, False. He watched it happen after he made the decision to do it, but he did NOT command it. That was left to the people who knew what they were doing…the same ones he didn’t want to pay if the government was shut down.

    If Bush had killed Bin Laden, Bush devotees would already be carving his face on the side of Mt. Rushmore; even building shrines to St. George!

    No. While some may have had that inclination, the fact is that HE wouldn’t want that. It isn’t the kind of person he is, as he has very quietly, and unobtrusively proven year after year.

    And to you, Imperial Consigliere, are you sure that your name isn’t Imperial Dragon? Or maybe Grand Dragon?

    How very clever of you! Except for the whole bit of not having a clue what you are talking about. But then, race matters far more to those who would use it as a shield to deflect criticism or as a sword to presumptively browbeat people, much like the President did in 2008, than it does to me. I’m far more interested in being an American than being a hyphenated American.

    But if you would like to explain the wild leap you’ve made to assume that I am a Klan member/racist, by all means, do so.


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  12. The right wing is truly beyond belief. 8 years of Bush “leadership” taking the nation in the toilet and the right wing blames Obama for our troubles. Now years after Bush leaves office they want credit for Bin Laden’s death.
    Can you righties remember that just a few short months after 9/11 Bush stated he really didn’t think that much about Bin Laden and didn’t care where he was and that Bin Laden was NOT a priority. Right wing hypocrisy is stunning as is their sheer stupidity.


  13. Bottom line is Deb, that under this presidency Bin Laden was eliminated, Bush had nothing to do with it, nothing.
    I like that you posted this about Obama. May as well put the tape out of Bush saying he didn’t know where Bin Laden was, nor did he care.


  14. Bush’s policies had nothing to do with it, okay. Interesting take. I guess if you only listen to Dems or Captain Gutsy
    Call himself, you might get that impression.

    The real bottom line, however is, most people don’t get their news from MSNBC, and they find it crass and unseemly that he wants to hog all the credit for himself.


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