Video: Condoleezza Rice Smacks Down Lawrence O’Donnell In Epic Interview

Condi holds her own in this hostile MSNBC interview with Scary Larry O’Donnell, who she chastises at one point for having his facts wrong when he simpers the oft repeated left-wing lie that Bush “couldn’t assemble a coalition”  for the Iraq war.  (What made him think he could get away with that load of b.s. with the former Sec. of State?)

You’re going to want a cigarette when this is done.

Hat tip: Breitbart TV.

By “ill informed”, I think what she really means is, “complete jackass”.

Video: When Debra Burlingame Asked Obama About Holder’s Investigation Of CIA Interrogators, “He Turned Around And Walked Away”

Obama was expected to make a speech at Ground zero, on Thursday, but opted not to, presumably because it would have looked to much like “spiking the football”. Which is what it would have been. He did lay a wreath at the site, and met with some “carefully selected” 9/11 families.

Debra Burlingame was among those who got to meet with the president, and she used occasion to  ask him a  question about Holder’s possible criminal charges against the CIA interrogators who got the information that helped to bring Osama Bin Laden to justice. She asked him, even though he can’t  tell the Atty Gen. what to do; ” Can’t you at least give him your opinion?”

Burlingame expanded on the meeting with Hannity on his his radio show, this afternoon. The Blaze has the audio.

What kind of man accepts the accolades of an appreciative nation for taking down an arch enemy, while allowing for the prosecution of the very people who helped make it happen?

What kind of person does that?!


Holder On The Hot-Seat For Project Gunrunner

I’ve been red-flagging this most explosive homeland security scandal for you for more than a month.

Independent citizen journalists, inside whistleblowers, and relentless GOP watchdogs on Capitol Hill led by GOP Rep. Darrell Issa and GOP Sen. Charles Grassley have kept up the pressure on the Obama administration to come clean on this deadly, stimulus-funded border nightmare.

And now, the fit is really starting to hit the shan on the Project Gunrunner story.


Friction” between watchdogs and Team Obama is growing, natch.

And Holder is finally, finally squirming on the hotseat.

As I’ve noted before, this goes far beyond the usual waste, fraud and abuse underwritten by progressive profligacy. It’s bloodstained government malfeasance overseen by anti-gun ideologues.

Read it all.

Here’s Holder stonewalling to questions from Sen. Charles Grassley at the Senate hearing, yesterday:

Grassley talked about his frustrating exchange with Holder with NRATV.

He notes that he told Holder in a footnote to a letter that he didn’t think he was being well served by his staff.


Fox Nation: Holder Hammered on Hill Over ‘Gunwalker’ Scandal:

Appearing today before the House Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Eric Holder got grilled about the “gunwalker” controversy in which the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is accused of allowing guns to get into the hands of criminals in Mexico.

Watch the video at link. Holder, who continues to stonewall, was indeed hammered by Issa.

Issa also appeared on NRA News to answer questions about the exchange:

Issa says ATF whistleblowers, (risking their own jobs) are coming forward to offer information about the program, which he says was opposed by law enforcement at “low levels and medium levels”.  That leaves high levels.

Issa promises to get to the bottom of it.


OBL Photoshop Contest (Updated with New Entries)

A photoshop contest of sorts has broken out in the blogosphere.

Since Obama is intent on coddling the fragile psyches of Islamic extremists, it’s up to the web’s best photoshoppers to create a close facsimile of what Osama’s last mugshot might have looked like, to satisfy America’s need for closure .

Here’s my submission:

It gets a even more graphic below the fold…

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Marc Thiessen: Obama Owes CIA Interrogators Thanks And Apology

Marc A. Thiessen served in the Bush administration as chief speechwriter to the president and to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

His book, Courting Disaster (How the CIA Kept America Safe and How Barack Obama Is Inviting the Next Attack), published Jan 2010, revealed how enhanced interrogation techniques (including waterboarding) saved us from numerous would-be terrorist attacks, and provided evidence  to prove the tactics used by the CIA were effective, lawful and morally just.

In his latest Washington Post oped, Thiessen challenges Obama to apologize to the honorable interrogators who kept us safe:

U.S officials have acknowledged that the key piece of intelligence that led the CIA to bin Laden — information on the al-Qaeda leader’s principal courier — came from detainees in CIA custody. .

On his second day in office, Obama shut down the CIA’s high-value interrogation program. His Justice Department then reopened criminal investigations into the conduct of CIA interrogators — inquiries that had been closed years before by career prosecutors who concluded that there were no crimes to prosecute. In a speech at the National Archives, Obama eviscerated the men and women of the CIA, accusing them of “torture” and declaring that their work “did not advance our war and counterterrorism efforts — they undermined them.”

Now, it turns out that the very CIA interrogators whose lives Obama turned upside down played a critical role in what the president rightly calls “the most significant achievement to date in our nation’s effort to defeat al Qaeda.”

It is time for a public apology.

U.S officials have acknowledged that the key piece of intelligence that led the CIA to bin Laden — information on the al-Qaeda leader’s principal courier — came from detainees in CIA custody.


Thanks to President Obama, this program, which helped lead us to bin Laden, is no longer part of America’s counterterrorism arsenal. Indeed, outside of the war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq, there have been no reported U.S. detentions of high-value terrorists since Obama took office. Earlier this year, Umar Patek, the highest-ranking terrorist captured alive at this point in the Obama administration, was taken into custody by Pakistani authorities. Patek had traveled from Southeast Asia to Abbottabad — the same place where bin Laden was hiding. Coincidence? What was Patek doing in Abbottabad? With whom did he meet and what did they discuss? He should be in CIA custody answering such questions.

The time has come for Obama to restore the CIA interrogation program that made bin Laden’s demise possible — and to instruct Eric Holder to end his witch hunt against the heroes who helped lead us to bin Laden’s lair. That is the least Obama can do for the men and women responsible for the crowning achievement of his presidency. They don’t deserve a special prosecutor, Mr. President. They deserve the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Maybe, tomorrow after Obama spikes the ball at Ground Zero, he’ll have  a few gracious words to say about George Bush’s role in all this, and  he’ll have a few words of appreciation for the CIA interrogator’s hard work.

But then again, if Jay Carney’s answers at Wednesday’s press conference are any indication, the administration is gonna stand by its standard Dem-Socialist operating procedure,  making sure no damn Republican gets any credit what-so-ever.

It’s all about “the messaging”, people:

Jay Carney in his press conference is claiming that no single piece of information was critical, and futhermore “we can never know” where information came from — to avoid admitting the information came from waterboarding.

This last point is particularly a lie. It’s not that “we can never know” — it’s that “they will never tell.”

That’s an entirely different matter. Obama simply refuses to acknowledge what his CIA head confirms, because his political position is wrong.

I doubt the CIA will be hearing any apology from Obama….