OBL Photoshop Contest (Updated with New Entries)

A photoshop contest of sorts has broken out in the blogosphere.

Since Obama is intent on coddling the fragile psyches of Islamic extremists, it’s up to the web’s best photoshoppers to create a close facsimile of what Osama’s last mugshot might have looked like, to satisfy America’s need for closure .

Here’s my submission:

It gets a even more graphic below the fold…

via Alxandro at iOWNTHEWORLD

Imaksim: Burn In Hell Osama

via @SarahWW on Twitter

via @CuffyP on Twitter

via @jimmiebjr on Twitter

via Aliceaitch at DoublePlusUndead

via America is an Obamanation

Warning: very graphic! Click to see: iOwnTheWorld Releases bin Laden Death Photo

Also Around the web:

Confederate Yankee: Real Presidents Show Dead Terrorists

The Strata-Sphere: Was Obama Forced Into Action On Osama Bin Laden?

The Bookworm Room: The Obama Administration’s cloud of confusion explained *UPDATED*:

What’s driving everyone bonkers is that this administration is incapable of being straightforward.  Serpentine deceit is its MO, regardless of the topic, whether birth certificates, health care debates, or sanctioned assassinations.  Everything is wrapped in a web of lies and confusion because of the paranoia, personality disorders, narcissism, and sociopathy that walk the White House halls.

Breitbart TV: Conspiracy Theories Abound as Doubters Demand Pictures of Bin Laden Corpse

Andy at Ace of Apades HQ: Show Me the Bloody!* Andy excerpts from Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt e-Newsletter:

What’s that, Mr. President? The photos are “very graphic”? So was watching people jump to their deaths from the blazing Twin Towers, you hyperactive condescending nanny. About ten years ago, we had a national traumatic experience as we all watched thousands of people die before our very eyes when the towers collapsed. Since then, we’ve seen Daniel Pearl beheaded, Madrid subway cars blown up, London buses and trains blown up, Bali nightclubs blown up, a Beslan school turned into a massacre site. We’ve seen enough death and dismemberment of innocent civilians to last a lifetime. So pardon me for thinking that our delicate sensibilities might be able to handle seeing the man with more American blood on his hands than anyone else on the planet missing an eye and with some brain matter exposed.

It can’t be any worse than BFH’s photoshop.

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks!

5 thoughts on “OBL Photoshop Contest (Updated with New Entries)

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  2. Could you run a contest with people suggesting what was actually being watched by Bam-Bam and friends now that we know they did not have video feed of the operation?


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