SEIU Marches In Lock Step With Commies In May Day Parade

Zombie has the full report/photo-essay with video: SEIU drops mask, goes full commie:

In case you think the SEIU is some peripheral out-of-the-mainstream organization:

The SEIU devoted $28 million to Obama’s campaign, making the SEIU “the organization that spent the most to help Barack Obama get elected president.” Furthermore, who is Obama’s favorite White House guest and one of his closest confidants?

The individual who has visited the Obama White House the most: SEIU President Andy Stern, who has visited 53 times.

Obama is closely linked with the SEIU.
The SEIU is closely linked with communists.
You do the math.


In case you were wondering what the SEIU was saying during all of this, here’s a video of the SEIU chanting “Legalization or REVOLUTION!” Clear enough?

Tell me the honest truth: If the Tea Party had marched in a rally behind a banner held up by fascists or neo-Nazis, don’t you think it would have been national news? But the nation’s biggest Obama-supporting political organization marched behind banners like these, and not a peep about it in the media. Hmmmm….

Remember, 11% of Americans (aka Obama’s base) now think that Communism is morally superior to capitalism.

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!


10 thoughts on “SEIU Marches In Lock Step With Commies In May Day Parade

  1. do workers have collective bargaining rights in communists countries? union workers dupes of the communist union leaders. i’m a union guy. its the union leaders not the union workers.


  2. Nice Deb,
    Most Americans over 50, or those who have read about communism, understand what MAY DAY is. For those who don’t, I will tell you what I saw on the news during the 1960s on May 1st. It was a Soviet Union holiday. No, it wasn’t about hot dogs and baseball. May Day was about the Soviet Union’s military marching (Goose Stepping) down the street in Moscow and showing off their latest military hardware. May Day is a “Communist Dictator Holiday”. America please wake up. Please read some history. For the love of God WAKE UP!


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  4. Here’s a conundrum for y’all:

    If our entire existence is based on moral relativity like leftists/communists/statists say, how can communism be superior to capitalism?


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  6. I agree with Tommy, its the leaders, not the workers. As a staunch unionist I am getting a bit annoyed with our leaders.


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