Video: Rep. Joe Walsh on Obama’s Moats And Alligators

Obama’s little attempt at humor, yesterday seems to have hit a nerve – (as well it should –border security isn’t a laughing matter).

IL Congressman Joe Walsh responded with this video:

Walsh’s letter to the President is posted at his website:

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) today announced that he has sent a letter to President Obama, expressing his concern over the President’s comments in an immigration speech made yesterday in El Paso, TX.

“For years President Obama has said he is serious about dealing with America’s immigration issues, however, yesterday he reinforced the idea that he’s not taking the issue seriously by suggesting that the only way to make Republicans happy on the subject is to build ‘a moat with alligators,’” said Congressman Walsh.

“Time and time again, President Obama has proven that he’s more concerned with photo-ops with Hollywood movie stars, than real citizens who live on the border and have to deal with America’s exploding immigration crisis.”

“Border security is national security. It’s not a joking matter. Enforcing our immigration laws and holding businesses accountable for hiring illegal immigrants is a serious issue. For that reason, I have sent the President a letter, questioning his commitment to securing our borders.”

“I look forward to the President’s response, and hope that he would work with Congress to come up with a plan that first and foremost protects our borders. If it takes moats and alligators to secure our borders to get you to be serious – I’m game.”


I have to wonder what the President and/or his speechwriters are thinking. The car in the ditch/Republicans sipping slurpies “jokes” that he made all last year went over like a lead balloon on election day. It would seem that repeatedly ridiculing political opponents (ala Alinsky) isn’t a winning strategy, but he seems determined to do it anyway.



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