Wow, Obama Approval Rating Up To 60% Post Bin Laden – What A Bounce, Huh?

Did you detect a note of sarcasm in that headline? I hope so…

Because that AP poll is completely bogus. In order to give Obama a 60% approval rating, the AP had to over-sample Democrats by 17 points. The AP poll is a joke:

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air gives it the “Billy Madison verdict” (see video at link):

  In a new definition of “outlier,” the AP reportedthat its latest poll from GfK Roper shows Barack Obama with a 60% approval rating in a survey of 1001 adults, with even his approval on the economy shooting past the 50% mark:

President Barack Obama’s approval rating has hit its highest point in two years — 60 percent — and more than half of Americans now say he deserves to be re-elected, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll taken after U.S. forces killed al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

Once we get a peek at the internals, we see:

The Dem/Rep/Ind breakdown in this poll is 46/29/4, as AP assigned most of the leaners to the parties.  That is a 17-point gap, more than twice what was seen in the 2008 actual popular vote that elected Obama.  It only gets worse when independents are assigned properly.  When taking out the leaners, the split becomes — I’m not kidding — 35/18/27.  Oh, and another 20% “don’t know.”

Jim Geraghty quips:

With a poll sample that has a 17-percentage-point margin in favor of the Democrats, is anyone surprised that these results look like a David Axelrod dream?

(Interestingly, George W. Bush is at 50 percent approval, 49 percent disapproval, even in this sample wildly weighted in favor of the Democrats.)

Imagine how Bush would do in a fairly sampled poll.


Nice: Drudge has picked up this story, and it’s currently #1 on Memorandum.



Obama’s numbers here are huge on everything — why, people even approve of the handling of the economy!

And then, when you check the cross-tabs, you find out the people polled were the the American Bar Association, NAMBLA, and the members of the Grateful Dead. Including the dead one.

B Daniel Blatt at Gay Patriot focused on this surprising aspect of the poll: In poll skewed toward Dems, W has 50 percent approval

AP used party ID gap even higher, let me repeat, even higher than Democrats’ record advantage and still found W had 50% approval.

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks

Hat tip: Charles B.

6 thoughts on “Wow, Obama Approval Rating Up To 60% Post Bin Laden – What A Bounce, Huh?

  1. Obama is in full campaign mode (what’s new?). He will ride various political ponies until they are worn out — the Bin Laden Pony, the Immigration Reform Pony, and any other nag he can find to glorify himself and con some uninformed voters into supporting him. The Jobs Pony, the Economy Pony, the Housing Pony, the Transparency Pony and a few others all have been comfortably stabled and hidden away in hopes they will be forgotten.

    GOP must come up with a truly courageous, articulate, principled candidate with whom conservative and independent voters can identify. I am concerned.


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  3. I asked a guy yesterday if he approved of obama and he said “no”. I guess I should be trumpeting a poll that reflected a 100% disapproval rating.


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