Newt Gingrich Is Done

So sayeth Charles Krauthammer because Gingrich violated the 11th commandment and I totally agree, (although I always thought he was a nonstarter, anyway).

While I agree with all that — I don’t dislike Newt. I think, overall, he’s been a great asset to conservatism. But his  remarks to David Gregory on Meet the Press hurt the GOP, and are thus, disqualifying. Absolutely,  Dems will use that soundbite in campaign commercials. Just like Republican primary opponents were going to use the Gingrich/Pelosi Global Warming PSA in ads. What the hell, Newt?

Pundette has much more on the Gingrich meltdown: Gingrich vs Ryan: No contest.

And she’s jumping on the Paul Ryan for President bandwagon:Paul Ryan for President?

Kinda like I did 14 months ago. (Heh)


The Daily Caller:Paul Ryan on Newt: ‘With allies like that, who needs the left?’

The Daily Caller: Brit Hume on Newt: A ‘provocative thinker, but a promiscuous talker’

The Daily Caller: Other GOPers likely to follow Gingrich’s lead in criticizing Ryan’s budget plan

Right, as I think Newt just demonstrated, now is not the time to be a squish about spending cuts. We may have finally reached a point in time when  Dem politics as usual demagoguery doesn’t pack the punch it used to. Republicans need to man up and press ahead.

Drew at AoSHQ addresses this issue in response to the DC piece: What Should The 2012 Republican Hopefuls Say About The Ryan Plan?

See also:

Our friend on the left, David Kahane: Re: Newt the Unreliable


13 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich Is Done

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  4. Newt seems to have such a sense of his own greatness. Wonder if and when he’ll get the message.


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  7. “Republicans need to man up and press ahead.”

    With this one statement you’ve captured the essence of our disgust with the RNC and Republicans in general. We’ll all be watching to see who’s squishy.

    Newt is. So is Mitt. So was GW.

    We won’t be forced into another choice between “squish” and “socialist” because all “squish” is, is socialism slowed down a little.


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  9. Heard Newt on Rush radio today. He was backtracking at 100 MPH and saying all the bad press about him was taken completely out of context.

    Rush kept reminding Newt that his voiced praise of a single-payer system wasn’t just from 1995, but as recent as 2007.

    Newt kept changing the subject and/or the excuse.

    ‘Nuff for me. Newt seems to be just another Johnny Mac of Lindsay Grahamnesty. I think I’d vote for Ron Paul before I would vote for Newt, and I personally think Paul is a couple of bubbles off plumb.


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