Tucson Superintendent Capitulates in Radical La Raza Curriculum Battle

Tucson Superintendent, John Pedicone

This is one of those posts I just want to skip, because the story is just  so depressing and pathetic. We are talking complete capitulation, here.

In case you’re not familiar with what’s been going on in the Tucson school district, where the school board has been considering changing the radical, anti-American, Raza (ethnic) Studies course to an elective (it should be removed, entirely), you can get caught up at Moonbattracker – I’ve been covering the story there for weeks:

Video: Shocking Excerpts Read at Tucson School Board Meeting From A Book In The Ethic Studies Curriculum

At the end of this video, you get to witness Pedicone telling the woman reading the excerpts from the course to the school board, to stop reading the offensive and profane language because kids are present. Now, he’s giving the greenlight for the district to continue teaching the course that contains this offensive and profane language….to kids.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Video: More On The Tucson La Raza Studies Course – (It’s Even Worse Than You Thought)

Reconquistador Mob Shuts Down Tucson School Board Meeting

La Raza Protesters Mob AZ Attorney General

Today, The Blaze reports:

Superintendent John Pedicone told local station KOLD-TV that he sent a letter to UNIDOS — the radical student group opposing the change — and the Mexican American Studies Community Advisory Board saying he has now advised the TUSD governing board to “table and not consider the resolution to make Mexican American Studies an elective.” (Quote is not Pedicone’s, but rather KOLD’s.)

Also contained in at least one of the letters is a promise that he won’t recommend charges against those who were arrested during the rowdy protests.

“We simply have to kind of bring that level of anxiety down to where we can begin to talk reasonably about this program, which we, which I think the district has said from the very beginning it supports,” Pedicone told KOLD. He later added: “I can’t speak for individual board members or others, but from my perspective it’s more important to bring the tone to a level where we can have a conversation and begin to have levels of understanding for the sake of the district.  That’s really my responsibility.”

In the letters, Pedicone told both groups that he is recommending the board refrain from voting on the plan until the State Department of Public Instruction rules whether the Mexican-American studies program is illegal.

“The intensity of the discussion has reached a point where it makes it difficult to consider any resolution at this time,” he writes in a letter to the Mexican-American Studies advisory board. “The deep-seated feelings surrounding this program, either as a result of a strong affiliation to its purpose or, in other cases, a rejection of the premise for its inclusion has created a counter-productive atmosphere that must be changed.”

He concludes the letter by asking the board to “please accept my apologies for my role in the situation.”

You can read the rest of the report, and see a copy of the letter at The Blaze.

8 thoughts on “Tucson Superintendent Capitulates in Radical La Raza Curriculum Battle

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  2. More proof that racism only counts if it is European stock v any other group.

    In case you haven’t been told yet, “La Raza” means “The Race”, and it doesn’t mean footrace, either.

    This is reminiscent of the flood of “Black Studies” that hit college campuses back in the 70s. Except there really was some history there. All La Raza wants to do is rewrite history, make Mexicans and hispanics in general sound better than Hitler’s “supreme race”, and dis on the United States.


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