Video: Obama Flubs Toast To The Queen

Okay, my turn. I know everybody’s already seen video of Obama’s awkward gaffe at Buckingham Palace. But have you seen the queen’s nicely executed toast that came right before his? Skip to 2:00 in to avoid the ridiculous and insufferable Martin Bashir’s  gushing:

I was wondering if Obama’s toast was unusually long winded, but it clocked in at about the same amount of time as the queen’s, so we can’t rag on him for that.

You’ll also  notice that she read her remarks off of paper, which, given her advanced age, and the length of her speech should be expected. Obama’s notes don’t strike me as that big a deal, either, although he could have bothered to memorize at least some of the lines.

No, the breech of etiquette occurred when he continued his toast after God Save The Queen had started, (like his toast had its own musical score.)  He may have paused too long when he lost his place [where were you TOTUS?], or the band was told to start at the words, “to the queen”, not realizing there were two “to the queens” in the toast.  It doesn’t matter whose fault it was, these things happen. That was just a mix-up. The awkwardness came because he kept right on talking, and then thought he was going to drink up before the music was done playing. The queen had to give him a look, and a slight shake of her head, as if to say, “not now, you gormless prat!”

So, it was awkward…but not abysmal.

The MSM will probably not make a huge deal out of it, nor should it – all things being equal. But they’re not. The MSM and the left (birm)would have been in a tizzy for weeks, had W done such a thing – playing it on an endless loop, in conjunction with getting the year wrong in signing the Westminster Abbey visitor’s book. There would have been such a constant drumbeat of ridicule, we would have been forced to defend his cloddish behavior, only because of their over the top reaction.

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks!


12 thoughts on “Video: Obama Flubs Toast To The Queen

  1. Why does Obama even have to go to this loser crap. All the Queen has to do is prepare for freaking ceremonies he actually has to work like most americans except maybe the idiots living in trailers with mamaw on this site


  2. First, he signed “2008” because he never got out of campaign mode.

    Second, I wish I had a job where I could take 4 or 5 vacations a year, and play golf while the middle east burns or tornadoes tear up half the country or whatever.

    Speaking of which, I pray you and yours are safe ND. It’s wicked weather around there, isn’t it?


  3. Carlos, we’re doing fine, here, we’ve been getting some severe thunderstorms, but that’s normal for this time of year. The really wicked weather has been to our South. Poor poor Joplin in devastated.


  4. Why is this Boob of a President laughing and playing ping pong while there is a major disaster throughout the midwest, with thousands of injuries/deaths? Wouldn’t you think some adivisor with half a brain might tell the President it would be better for you to remain serious and professional at all times while continuing your trip across Europe? No more photos of you laughing it up and acting like a damn school boy. Why do we know how to act and this complete idiot lunitic for a president doesn’t have a clue?


  5. he lifted his glass and didn’t drink.
    this wasn’t a big deal but it sure is funny to see such a screw up. somebody got yelled at for sure!!!


  6. Actually there’s a tornado on the ground to my West – It looks like it’s going to track to my North.

    The weather forecaster is saying the tornadoes coming out of this storm are much weaker than the F-5’s we’ve been seeing.


  7. NO, he actually said the final ending words to his toast at the beginning which cues the music. DOOFUS he is! He clearly is still living in 2008!


  8. If you listen to the Queen she even points out to the OBAMA’s that they visited last in 2009! How come he didnt use 2009 when he signed the guest book at WESTMINISTER ABBEY yesturday, 2011 <in case someone isnt up on the date LOL!


  9. Like’s how everyone is continuing to talk about a non-issue while Deb points out twisters on the ground around you. Keep safe Deb. Hope all is well.


  10. Nick, more petty slamming of the president occurred when GW and his daddy were president. Had either one of them missed the proper date by three years there would have been no end to the howling from the LSM.

    And in case you think I’m defending the Bushes, I personally think the only improvement either one was to the typical jackass is that they only took the country deeper into a nanny state more slowly. They were/are at least as lovable as Republicans as Bob Dole and John-boy McCain are.


  11. No doubt the miss of three years is incredibly laughable. There does need to be a bigger deal made of it. Then again, I reckon there are bigger fish to fry for the media, namely the twisters hitting all over. Back home in Central New York there were even warnings.


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