Wasserman Schultz Wants Republicans To Pledge Not To Use Israel As A Campaign Issue.

Oh we promise — pinkie swears:

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday met with representative delegates of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) and the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC). But while the meeting was meant to shore up bipartisan support for Israel from American Jewish political organizations, it quickly became a partisan bickering match, with the chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Debbie Wasserman Schultz, using the platform to tell Republican Jews to stop doing what they’re doing.

The RJC used their opening remarks to say that now was a historical time for the future of the Middle East, and to thank Prime Minister Netanyahu for meeting with them. But while the NJDC’s chairman said essentially the same thing, he was followed by hyper-partisan comments, first from Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chair Steve Israel and then from the DNC chair, Wasserman Schultz.

Sitting in front of Netanyahu, the DNC chair asked the RJC to “pledge to refrain in 2012 from using Israel as part of the issues in campaigns,” according to RJC executive director Matt Brooks. “It started that way. Right from the get go they just jumped on it.”

The Dems made Netanyahu so uncomfortable, he offered to leave so the they could continue their bickering without him in the room.

Listen up RNC; I have a great idea for a campaign  ad…

While the voice-over talks about how the leader of the Democrat party is “tilting toward Hamas”,   a dude wearing a red white and blue donkey tee-shirt pushes an elderly Holocaust survivor wearing a  star of David tee-shirt in a wheelchair over a cliff.

It would be done in a very light-hearted fashion,  but it would drive the point home, I think.

How’s that work for you, Shultz?

Hat tip: Ace.


10 thoughts on “Wasserman Schultz Wants Republicans To Pledge Not To Use Israel As A Campaign Issue.

  1. In her dreams. It will be a major issue as it should. She doesn’t want to be an issue, she should support someone else instead of Obama!


  2. I can’t believe the nerve of that harpy.

    Yeah, Republicans are going to make a deal to play nice while they’re actively demagoguing Paul Ryan’s budget.

    Yeah, right, lady.

    As Netanyahu would say: “Not gonna happen”.


  3. The dems are out of their cotton picking friggin’ minds. Oh I know, we will try that with them on some issue, I’m SURE they will keep their word to us, right??


  4. Proof positive the dems are paranoid (and rightly so) that more and more Jews will be voting against obama once they learn his true agenda which is friendly only to muslim brotherhood.


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  6. Of course she doesn’t want Israel to become a campaign issue; if it does, then she’ll replace Alan Grayson’s record for “Biggest Democrat Election Loss – FL” by probably double.

    You know, it’s been a nice week. Netanyahu was state-side, and Barry was out of the country. Too bad they weren’t playing Musical Countries, and we could’ve paused the music, forcing them to take the seat of the closest Executive office.


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