Faced With Widespread skepticism, Warmists Hit Panic Button

Read Gabriel Malor’s excellent take-down of this latest nonsense at AoSHQ: Newsweek’s Global Warming Fearmongering Isn’t Science, It’s Science-Fiction

That is Newsweek’s latest cover and it comes with a hysterical fantasy from the so-called science editor. The article is one of those piece of media paranoia that is so wrong it is hard to know where to start. Since I haven’t got time to fisk the whole piece, here are five obvious errors.

Read it all. Basically, you have to be nearly brain-dead to fall for Sharon Begley’s fear-mongering.


6 thoughts on “Faced With Widespread skepticism, Warmists Hit Panic Button

  1. I notice that most of the headliners on the cover are probably articles that are just as bad as Begley’s. These people are stuck on stupid, just like their messiah, our glorious leader.

    I wonder how long it’s going to be before they, the leftists/statists/socialists, plunge us into another few centuries of Dark Ages before Christianity pulls mankind out of them again?


  2. ABC tried this type of take on Nightline last week. They talked about all the tornado, then showed a map that indicated that a large mass of COLD air in the northwest was behind the storms. The cold air is running into the warmer air to the south, creating that awful weather.

    There you have it, global warming is causing the cold air that is causing the “proof” of global warming.


  3. The smarties on WattsUpWithThat always seem to get big chuckles out of ABC’s attempts at explaining science, which seem to focus more on picking people who look smart and sound convincing than people who actually are smart and present convincing points.

    Like renowned climatologists Michio Kaku and Bill Nye.


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