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Lisa Benson cartoon via TownHall

Ace of Spades HQ: Memo to MBM: Maybe You Should Report, One of These Days, That Obama Has Cut Medicare More Savagely Than Paul Ryan Would Even Consider:

Seniors are very misinformed. Intentionally, of course. AARP (a partner of the DNC) and the MBM (a junior partner of the DNC) are telling them that Paul Ryan’s plan is a threat, and represents cuts in service.

What they are vigorously suppressing with all their might is that Barack Obama already cut trillions from Medicare and, through the Medicare rationing board, has proposed cutting trillions more, in a move he calls “reform” but everyone else knows as simple rationing.

And they’re suppressing the fact that the current “plan” for Medicare is for it to go bankrupt in 8 years or so, with seniors facing automatic across-the-board reductions in what Medicare pays their hospitals and doctors. And there is no law that says a doctor or hospital has to accept very-below-market rates of compensation.

They can turn away your business, and dump you off to the sort of doctor who is willing to take small money as payment. They’re already doing that now, and they’re going to be doing even more of that in the next few years.

The worst seniors-benefits cutter is ObamaCare, which slashed trillions to make room for new Medicaid enrollees. And then on top of that Obama proposed further trillions in cuts as his big idea for balancing the budget. Well, not balancing it, but lying about doing so.

As I’m sure you’ve already heard, even Slick Wilie, himself, was overheard telling Paul Ryan that he hoped Democrats, (feeling encouraged by the NY-26 results),  wouldn’t continue to demagogue the Medicare issue and do nothing on their own.

That’s not the only truth-telling Clinton is up to. He also said that the US could easily go days without a debt ceiling increase without inviting calamity, and has already “retracted” these comments, after the White House requests him to do so.

1. How do you “retract” an event that happened? How do you “retract” an honest, private statement, plainly your true belief, in favor of a false, politically coordinated one?

2. Ask Newt Gingrich about the effectiveness of “retracting” a statement-against-party-interest statement. Hell, ask Paul Ryan, who is not feeling any benefit from Gingrich’s supposed “retraction.”

By the way, not enough has made made of this: Every single Democrat in the Senate loves Barack’s budget except for all of them.

On to Obama’s heinous Middle East agenda…

Washington Times: EDITORIAL: Obama’s Mideast bombshell

The Jerusalem Post reported that the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv denied any shift in policy and explained that the odd phrasing was because of “great sensitivity” to words in the region and that America was “trying to be a fair interlocutor.” That’s nonsense because the “fair interlocutor” standard simply affirms Palestinian claims on the city, something Israel rejects and the Obama administration refuses to address openly. In 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama said, “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.” He has not made the same pledge recently and has taken a number of steps that demonstrate he has flipped on this issue.

Charles Krauthammer isn’t sure if the policy shift is a result of a “perverse and ultimately self-defeating policy is born of genuine antipathy toward Israel” or  “the arrogance of a blundering amateur who refuses to see that he is undermining not just peace but the very possibility of negotiations.”

Simply put, it’s the oft asked question about Obama: – Are we dealing with evil or incompetence?

Note how Obama has undermined Israel’s negotiating position. He is demanding that Israel go into peace talks having already forfeited its claim to the territory won in the ’67 war — its only bargaining chip. Remember: That ’67 line runs right through Jerusalem. Thus the starting point of negotiations would be that the Western Wall and even Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter are Palestinian — alien territory for which Israel must now bargain.

The very idea that Judaism’s holiest shrine is alien or that Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter is rightfully or historically or demographically Arab is an absurdity. And the idea that, in order to retain them, Israel has to give up parts of itself is a travesty.

Obama didn’t just move the goal posts on borders. He also did so on the so-called right of return. Flooding Israel with millions of Arabs would destroy the world’s only Jewish state while creating a 23rd Arab state and a second Palestinian state — not exactly what we mean when we speak of a “two-state solution.” That’s why it has been the policy of the United States to adamantly oppose this “right.”

Yet in his State Department speech, Obama refused to simply restate this position — and refused again in a supposedly corrective speech three days later. Instead, he told Israel it must negotiate the right of return with the Palestinians after having given every inch of territory. Bargaining with what, pray tell?

No matter. “The status quo is unsustainable,” declared Obama, “and Israel too must act boldly to advance a lasting peace.”

Israel too ? Exactly what bold steps for peace have the Palestinians taken?

I put the “Israel too must act boldly…” in bold because I hadn’t caught that  bit rhetorical flimflam, and it’s important. The Palestinians’ “bold steps toward peace” would appear to be putting Hamas in power and launching rockets into Israel. What is he talking about?!

Obama engaged in more rhetorical trickery when he said:

I believe that Hamas, in its own description of its agenda, has not renounced violence and has not recognized the state of Israel. And until they do, it is very difficult to expect Israelis to have a serious conversation, because ultimately they have to have confidence that a Palestinian state is one that is going to stick to its — to whatever bargain is struck.

It all sounds very well and good, doesn’t it? If  Hamas would just renounce violence and recognize the state of Israel, everything would be coolio. All Hamas has to do is engage in a little taqiyya, and the ball will be in Israel’s court to “take some bold steps toward peace”. (aka commit national suicide.)

Hello? This is the terrorist group (and former Obama campaign supporter), HAMAS,we’re talking about.

No, Netanyahu’s position is — as long as Hamas has a seat at the table, there will no negotiations, period. Nice try, Obama.

Want a good laugh? Read this “exclusive!” report from Keith Koffler’s White House Dossier: Mr. President, Was This Book Really Necessary?

A sneak peek at Obama’s latest autobiography (that makes 3 now!): The Audacity of Killing Bin Laden –My Gutsiest Call Yet!!!

The blurb:

“I highly recommend this book to anyone who thinks I’m not a true badass. Just because I tried to make friends with Ahmadinejad and am afraid of Nancy Pelosi doesn’t mean I can’t take care of business.

Earlier this year, while trying to figure out whose ass to kick, the CIA brought me some startling information: I could kick Osama Bin Laden’s ass, the biggest ass of all.

This was not surprising to me, because it was the result of my policies, and not of those of George W. Bush, who was not a good president and couldn’t find Bin Laden.

Early in my term, I went to the CIA and told them: “Take out Bin Laden.”

And they said, “What do mean, like take him out for sushi?”

And I said, “No, take him out. Isn’t that how they say it in the movies?”

And they said, “Oh, you mean kill him?”

And I said, “Yes, kill him.”

And they said, “We’re already trying to kill Bin Laden.”

And I said,” You’ve got to try harder.”

Keep reading. It cracked me up.

So does this from Gateway Pundit: Anti-Communist Hero Lech Walesa Snubs Obama Invite – Says He’s Too Busy:

Pic via New Jestic

Anti-communist hero Lech Walesa announced today that he would not meet with Obama.
The former Solidarity Leader said, “It doesn’t suit me.”

Walesa explained that he has a very tight schedule,” and that his ‘programme is filled to the maximum.”

Nile Gardiner at The Telegraph writes:

I can see why Mr. Walesa has declined to meet with Barack Obama. The Obama administration’s approach to Poland, an important US ally, has been largely dismissive and lukewarm. In contrast to George W. Bush, who went out of his way to build friendships in eastern and central Europe, Barack Obama has paid little attention to ‘New Europe’, and has been far more interested in appeasing the Russians and “resetting” relations with Moscow.

President Obama famously threw the Poles under the bus when he announced that the United States would not proceed with Third Site Missile defences planned for Poland and the Czech Republic, and has largely treated the Poles as an afterthought in his drive to improve ties with the Kremlin and secure the New START Treaty. Obama has at times demonstrated extremely poor judgment when it comes to US-Polish relations, even playing golf during the funeral of Polish President Lech Kaczynski, the Polish First Lady, and 94 senior officials who perished in the Smolensk air disaster.

As you may have noticed, the left tried to co-opt Walesa  during the Madison pro-union “Solidarity” protests in Feb. and March of this year. But the anti-communist wants nothing to do with the communist left.

Notre Dame continues to go down hill, I’m afraid. The Cardinal Newman Society reports: New Notre Dame Trustee Gave Thousands to Pro-Abortion Group:

The University of Notre Dame announced the election of Roxanne M. Martino, president and chief executive officer of Aurora Investment Management, to the Board of Trustees at the University’s April 29 spring meeting.

A review of Martino’s contribution history on (see here and here) revealed that she gave a total of $16,150 to the pro-abortion group EMILY’s List between 2005 and 2008.  On its website, EMILY’s List states that it is “dedicated to electing pro-choice Democratic women to office.”

Furthermore, it appears that Martino has given a total of somewhere between $3,250 and $5,996 to the pro-abortion Chicago Foundation for Women between 2004 and 2011 (see here, here, here, here and here).

Alumni said to be  thrilled with this information.

  Bill McGurn takes Notre Dame’s Chairman of the Board to the woodshed:

When Notre Dame decided to honor Barack Obama at the 2009 commencement, both the President, Father John Jenkins, and the Board of Trustees took pains to insist that the invitation should in no way be taken as endorsement of the President’s position on abortion or indeed indifference to Catholic teaching on life. Now we have a new issue: one of the newest members of the board, Roxanne Martino, has a record of contributing to Emily’s List — a group designed to support pro-choice Democratic women for office. This week the chairman of the ND board, Dick Notebaert, has now sent out an email to board members that suggests that it’s not just Ms. Martino’s judgment that is called into question. It’s his too.

Keep reading.

Just a Conservative Girl at Potluck: The Progressive View of Herman Cain

I came across an article on Herman Cain by Dr. Boyce Watkins.  It isn’t exactly what one may expect.

 Whether we like it or not, Herman Cain is expanding the definition of what it means to be black in America. He reminds us that the divides in America are driven more by wealth and class than by race or gender. America is more capitalist than it is racist, sexist or homophobic, so it is no surprise that even Sarah Palin went out of her way to mention how much she loves Herman Cain.

So it seems that Dr.Watkins is willing to be an honest broker that while racism does exist in this country, it is not the driving force in politics even though we have many examples of those who like to make it so.  But, don’t get me wrong, he still plays the race card:

With popular Republicans such as former governor Mike Huckabee, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels and Donald Trump bowing out of the election, Cain has the opportunity to take his appeal to the next level. It will be interesting to see if those on the far right truly have the stomach to treat Cain with decency, rather than throwing him under the bus as they did Michael Steele.

Keep reading at link.

The Minority Report: Claire McCaskill politicizes Joplin, Missouri disaster.

Senator McCaskill ended speculation whether or not she was behind in polls for her re-election Wednesday after chiding Majority Whip Eric Cantor from the floor of the United States Senate and using the disaster in Joplin, Missouri as a political football.

In a statement, Senator McCaskill chided Majority Whip Eric Cantor’s call to ensure there would be offsets for disaster spending.

Andrew McCarthy NRO:

Please  read this whole thing. McCarthy takes us on  trip down memory lane to make a point about how this Alinskyite President disseminated during the yearlong ObamaCare debate, and ties it in beautifully with what he’s doing with Israel, now.

As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proudly boasted in his speech to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, “America has no better friend than Israel.” That would be reason enough for those consumed by a blame-America-first mentality to loathe Israel. Palestinian Muslims live on global largesse and complain that it’s not enough, epitomize the culture of victimhood, and lionize terrorist “martyrs” who are no more savage (though a good bit more competent) than the iconic Bill Ayers and his Weather Underground. In short, the Palestinians check all the Left’s boxes. Even if Obama’s circle of Chicago friends did not include the rabidly anti-Israel Ayers and former PLO mouthpiece Rashid Khalidi, there would be little mystery about who is assigned the hero’s role and who is the villain in the president’s estimate of this long-running drama.

But Obama could not say such a thing and remain politically viable. He knows that. Anyone who watched the rousing bipartisan ovation that washed over his bête noire, Netanyahu, in Congress on Tuesday would know that. This is an ardently pro-Israel country, and Obama’s Palestinian sympathies are no more representative of where Americans stand than is the longing for single-payer health care. Just like leading from the rear, governing from the fringe is a skill. It is necessary to dissemble.

The 1967 borders the president floated last week are the single-payer of American Middle East policy. Just as single-payer is code for socialized medicine, the ’67 borders are code for an indefensible Israel that cannot survive as a Jewish state. Such an Israel is the dream of every leftist who has deluded himself into believing that Israel is a guilt-induced mistake of the post-Holocaust era, and that Israel’s continued existence as an outpost of Western liberalism in the Islamic world is the cause of Muslim animus and terror. You’ll never hear Obama or the Left say that. They will repeat the mantra that America’s bond with Israel is unbreakable, just as they repeated the mantra that the goal of “reforming” health care is to “control costs” (as opposed to controlling Americans). But it is what they really think, just as they really think health care should be nationalized to promote their idea of social justice, regardless of how much it costs.


Always remember that these are just chess moves. Obama eyes the whole board, and he makes the occasional blunder, but he never kicks over the table: He keeps his eyes on ultimate goal. To beat him, it is necessary to know that — and make sure America knows it. The next time around, there’d be no reelection to worry about.

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Video: Issa Says Obama Intentionally Pursuing Policies That Lead To Higher Gas Prices

Via The Committee On Oversight and Government Reform, which, under Darrell Issa’s leadership is doing important work exposing Obama’s true anti-oil agenda:

Earlier this week, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform released a report, which highlights evidence that the statements by President Obama and Energy Secretary Chu about intentionally raising energy costs for Americans can be seen across the federal government: from blocking production in the Gulf of Mexico, to hindering “fracking” technology, and stifling oil and gas production on public lands.

Darrell Issa , Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, appeared on CNN to discuss the Administration’s involvement in rising gas prices.

See also:

The Daily Caller New Issa report goes after Obama administration’s energy agenda

Issa’s report sought to highlight Obama’s history of pushing for alternative energy sources, noting a quote from the president’s 2008 campaign in which he said, “Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. … Coal-powered plants, you know, natural gas, you name it, whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, they would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money.”

Steven Chu, secretary of the Department of Energy, was not spared in the report, which targeted his past statement, “somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”

The 40-page report examines specific policy proposals aimed at supporting things like carbon-based energy reserves at the expense of oil and gas production. It includes the cap-and-trade proposals of the past, active promotion of “clean energy source” and the administration’s proposal to tax oil companies to subsidize clean energy technology.

In his FY2012 budget proposal, Obama did indeed request that the tax breaks for the oil production industry be repealed, totaling $60 billion over 10 years. The director of the Office of Management and Budget, Jack Lew, defended the repeals by  tying them to the goal of producing more electric cars.

“In part, we pay for this by eliminating 12 tax breaks hat now go to oil, gas and coal companies,” said Lew.

“The most troubling things about outlandish statements made by key Obama administration officials about the need to raise energy costs is that when we examined the evidence, they appear to reflect the agenda they are pursuing,” said Issa in a statement. “These are obviously not the policies Americans want or support.”

Earlier this month, Investor’s Business Daily noted that according to its own IBD/TIPP poll, the Public Misplaces Blame for High Oil Prices, putting the bulk of the blame on oil companies and speculators.

In light of that, and with even higher gas prices coming this summer, let us not forget the “Hope and Change” gas pump sticky note campaign. Now more than ever, people need to be reminded of who really is behind the rising fuel costs.


Video: Ed Schultz Vile Meltdown Compilation

Lol. I was wondering when someone would get around to doing this.

Poor, poor Ed Schulz has been in this talk show business for a long, long time  — but he says his Ingraham slut slur was a personal low for him.

Eh.  Maybe – maybe not:

Big Journalism also has a good one interspersed with his fawning, groveling apology (to the dulcet tones of  “Hush little baby, don’t say a word, mama’s gonna buy you a mockingbird” playing in the background): Sound Bite For the Day: Other Things Ed Schultz Should Apologize For.


232 People Still Unaccounted For In Joplin, Mo In Wake of Sunday’s Tornado (Updated With Story of Heroism)

A friend helps his father with the post-tornado clean up.

“Welcome to our neighborhood.

The Kansas City Star reports:

More than 230 people remain unaccounted for four days after the deadliest single tornado in more than six decades tore through the middle of Joplin, Missouri officials said today. Officials released a list of names, and Andrea Spillars, deputy director and general counsel for the Missouri Department of Public Safety, urged any survivors on the list to check in.


The death toll rose Wednesday to 125 people, not all of them identified, and officials have estimated more than 900 were injured.

Some families have complained about not being allowed into the morgue to try to identify missing relatives. Asked about that today, Don Bloom, the deputy commander for family assistance for the mortuary team, said “the process has to take it’s time. We have to be 100 percent accurate.”

Search-and-rescue teams have made multiple sweeps through the destruction, using dozens of dogs and listening devices in hopes of picking up the faint sound of anyone still alive beneath the collapsed homes and businesses. No new survivors have been pulled from the rubble since Tuesday.

Among those still missing is 16-year-old Lantz Hare. He was driving with a friend who said the two tried to take cover in the parking lot of a grocery store. The tornado shattered the windows and crumpled the car, and Lantz’s father, Mike Hare, found his son’s backpack in the wreckage.

Mike Hare has called hospitals from Dallas to Kansas City and taken dozens of calls offering advice, prayers and hopeful tips. None of the calls came from Lantz or offered any hope he might still be alive. But Hare said he’ll keep searching until he finds his son.

“We know he’s hurt somewhere,” Hare said Wednesday, his voice breaking. “We just can’t sit and keep calling. You’ve got to be moving.”

A slideshow of the tornado damage can be seen, here.

The Salvation Army has already begun relief work in the town through mobile feeding kitchens and recovery missions. The organization has set up special numbers to donate funds.

Cell phone users may text “JOPLIN” to 80888 to make a $10 donation. Credit card donations can be made by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY or by going to Checks may be mailed to The Salvation Army, 3637 Broadway, Kansas City, MO 64111. Be sure to note “Joplin Tornado” on the check.
Relief efforts can also be tracked through a Facebook page titled “”Joplin, MO Tornado Recovery.”

In addition to accepting donations, HS Healing and Wellness Center is looking for additional volunteers to drive supplies down to Joplin. If you want to volunteer, call Gerrettie at 815-741-4386.


Heavy sigh...

Westboro Cult Publishes Flyer: “Thank God for 125 Dead in Joplin” – Plan to Protest Funerals


A story of the heroic actions of Pizza Hut Manager, Christopher Lucas via NBC Action News:

“You knew the storm was serious. You could not even see a funnel, it was a mile wide,” exclaimed Fluhart. “All you saw was a wall.”Fluhart says his manager tried to get everyone into a walk in freezer, but according to Fluhart, people were being “ripped” out of the freezer into the tornado.

That’s when Fluhart said Lucas took heroic action. The restaurant manager wrapped a bungee cable holding the freezer door shut around his arm, trying to keep it shut. Fluhart tried to aid his boss.

“As soon as I saw the door slipped, I grabbed him,” said Fluhart. “I grabbed him, and I holding on with one hand to the cable, but he was holding it mostly.”

“And then, when everything blew away, he was gone, the door was gone, everything…”

Christopher Lucas was a father of two.

Video at link.


Debbie Wasserman Schultz Is On A Roll

Earlier this week, the DNC Chair embarrassed herself and her party when she tried to make Republicans pledge (in front of Benjamin Netanyahu) not to use Israel as a campaign issue. Yes, that story came on the heels of Republican, Jane Corwin’s loss in NY 26,  partially, a result of the Dems’ shameless demagoguery of Paul Ryan’s budget plan.

If  epic liberal hypocrisy such as that doesn’t make your head explode, how about some epic liberal projection:

(Briefing Room) — 

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz attacked the GOP presidential contenders on their own terms Thursday.

The Florida representative questioned just how dedicated they were to “American exceptionalism.”

“Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Jon Huntsman … I’m concerned about their commitment to American exceptionalism,” Wasserman Schultz said at a breakfast for reporters sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor.


Right.  Everybody knows that American exceptionalism is a concept that the leader of her party failed to grasp when asked about it early on in his presidency. Everyone knows that it’s a concept that  resonates most with conservatives.

The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty noted in this clip that she wasn’t sure how much the issue would matter to voters in the next general election.

Wasserman-Schultz apparently thinks American exceptionalism  matters plenty to voters. That’s why she’s trying to co-opt it as some kind of a Dem strongpoint.


More Wasserman brilliance on display as she lambastes Republicans for wanting to defund Planned Parenthoods that perform abortions:

DNC Chief Wasserman Shultz: Republicans Are “Anti-Woman”…

(US News) — In an emotional assault on the Republicans, new Democratic Party Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz today called the GOP agenda “anti-women” and “a war on women” that will backfire on Republicans in the 2012 election and provide a cushion for President Obama’s re-election bid.

“It’s just so hard for me to grasp how they could be so anti-women as they are,” she said at a breakfast roundtable with reporters.

Yeah, it’s just so hard to grasp why anyone would want to defund PP abortion clinics, especially since according to the latest Gallup Poll,  a majority of Americans Want All or Most Abortions Illegal.

Another swing and miss.

Strike three:

Andrew Malcolm: DNC chairwoman supports U.S. auto industry so much she owns a Japanese car:

The new chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee was criticizing Republicans who opposed President Obama’s bailout of the American automakers union, oh, no, make that American automakers.

“If it were up to the candidates for president on the Republican side,” said Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, “we would be driving foreign cars. They would have let the auto industry in America go down the tubes.”

So Michael O’Brien of The Hill newspaper went and checked what kind of automobile loyal-American-car-supporter Debbie Wasserman Schultz owns.

Yup, you guessed it — Japanese.

Investigative journalism at its finest. Kudos to Mr. O’Brian.

By any chance, will he be on Obama’s 2012 campaign beat?


See Moe Lane at Red State:Good News / Bad News for Debbie Wasserman Schultz!

The bad news: she didn’t realize that she was calling members of her own party ‘anti-woman’ before she started screaming to The Weekly Standard’s John McCormack about how people who voted to defund Planned Parenthood are anti-woman!

TWS: But there were eleven [correction: ten] Democrats who voted against funding for Planned Parenthood, so are those eleven Democrats anti-woman?

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: No, they’re not, because if you, when I declare someone, when I make a broad statement like that, I look at the balance of somebody’s–where their priorities are, the balance of their record. And so one individual isolated vote here and there does not make you anti-woman.

TWS: So what are the broader votes that make those Democrats who voted on those same issues–on Planned Parenthood on H.R. 3–what makes them not anti-woman?

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: I don’t think there are any Democrats.

TWS: Eleven.

Dang, and I thought Michael Steel was gaffe-prone.

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers.

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Video: Joplin Tornado Victims Hunker Down In Gas Station Storage Fridge As Building Falls Apart Around Them

You may have seen this already. It has almost 3 million views on YouTube, and has probably gotten extensive play on cable news. I had heard about the story, but not seen the video. I just saw it for the first time over at Gateway Pundit.

It starts with a group of customers and one or two  employees huddling in the back of the Fastrip store, and moving quickly to the storage fridge when the windows get sucked out. That fridge saved them.

The action doesn’t start until about 2:13 in, but watch from the beginning to get the full range of emotions — from casual concern “I can’t find my cell phone” to outright *on their knees praying to God to save them* mortal terror. You’ll hear horrified cries of “GOD? GOD?” , children screaming and crying, one girl yelling, “I can’t see my mother!”, a woman’s voice praying to Jesus, a male voice saying, “we’re good…we’re good…”

Then the full force of the F-5 tornado hits the store.

More praying to Jesus….A male voice saying he loves everyone…


There were some prayer warriors in that group…Thank God they all survived.

Gateway Pundit has the video of what’s left of the Fastrip store. Pretty much the storage fridge.