A Tale of Two Sex Scandals (With Updates)

When Rep. Christopher Lee, a married Republican congressman serving the 26th District of New York was caught trolling Craigslist in the “Women Seeking Men” forum, last Feb, it took him less than 24 hours to resign in shame.

We all know how that turned out.  Republican, Jane Corwin was favored to win the special election run-off, May 24, until  fake Tea Party candidate, Jack Davis emerged to steal enough conservative votes to allow Democrat, Kathy Hochulto win.

Scandals can negatively impact not only the wrongdoer, himself, but his entire party.

Late Friday night, May 27, Anthony Weiner, a married,  Democrat congressman serving the 9th district of New York, allegedly, sent an obscene tweet to a college aged girl on Twitter, which set the twitterverse and rightwing blogosphere ablaze, and launched 1000 weiner jokes. (At The White House Correspondents dinner, last March, Weiner said he had heard every weiner joke by 5th grade – he was wrong.)

Today, Wednesday, June 1, 2011 marks Day 5 of Weinergate, and Weiner  shows no intention of resigning.

He says his Twitter account was hacked – a serious charge, but he doesn’t seem to have notified the FBI. The FBI has refused to comment on the case, and on Tuesday night’s O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly vowed to get a a statement from the FBI by Wednesday night’s show.

Weiner is digging in, lawyering up, refusing to answer questions, and swearing at reporters. Dems are circling the wagons.

Apparently, he was hoping that a sympathetic media would help him ride out this storm, but that doesn’t appear to be happening. Oddly enough, they’re actually doing their jobs for a change.

It will be interesting to see what happens next in this sordid affair.


Veteran newspaperman RS McCain predicts what comes next:

So, here’s what to expect next: Today, reporters will be swarming Capitol Hill to buttonhole House members to get their reactions to yesterday’s Weiner meltdown, to ask them what — if any — consequences Weiner might face. Do members of the House ethics committee see any grounds for an inquiry?

By Thursday, the Washington Post and the New York Times will have lengthy stories that are basically trying to evaluate the political reaction. You’ll also have features on the history of sex scandals, and some buzzword-heavy stories about how social networking technology and online media have re-shaped how sex scandals happen and are reported.

Something else to expect: MSM reporting Wednesday and Thursday– as if they had discovered it themselves, an exclusive — stuff you were reading on blogs Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

I’d certainly like some credit for all the hard work I did on Sunday – (linking to other people).


Karol Markowicz has a good run-down of everything that’s happened since Friday night, and why Weiner is probably lying.

An aside: Isn’t it particularly ignoble and pathetic how he keeps trying to deflect attention away from himself by bringing up Michele Bachmann and Clarence Thomas? “Look, MSM – some people you hate more than me! Go bother them!”

The Daily Caller: ‘Red Eye’ on ‘Weinergate’: ‘He’s not guilty, not at all. If you believe that, you’re worse than Hitler’

Ace: Video: Stranahan interviews a girl (his daughter?) on the swirling controversy of whether she took the cookies.


Matt Lewis on Twitter: Luke Russert asks Weiner if the pics were of him: “I can’t say with certitude,” he answers.

Politico has more:

The New York lawmaker continued to claim that his Twitter account was hacked.

“My system was hacked, pictures can be manipulated, dropped in and inserted,” he said. “One reason I asked a firm to look at what the heck happened here … is to see maybe something was manipulated, maybe something was dropped in.”

Absolutely confirming what Ace had earlier predicted would happen:

Calling My Shot:Prediction:

Weiner will claim he doesn’t want to trouble the FBI, or the national intelligence/security apparatus, which really should be interested in a hack of a top-secret-plus level clearance Congressman, and will pay a private firm he controls and he pays with his own money, to look into this matter.

48 hours later this firm will announce he was hacked, but beyond that, the trail goes cold. Fiddlesticks!!!

posted by Ace at 04:02 PM, May 29.




Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks!

8 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Sex Scandals (With Updates)

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  3. Weenie isn’t afraid of the pic per se, he’s afraid of how his wife is going to take him to the cleaners.

    Everyone should have expected him to be a troll – after all, he’s a congressman, right? That gives the public at least a 70/30 chance the guy’s a creep or liar or thief of some sort.


  4. Republican behaves stupidly- the whole world DEMANDS an immediate resignation. Democrat behaves just as stupidly- the whole world sighs a collective ho-hum and goes about their business. I guess people just expect crappy behavior from Dung-o-crats.


  5. Gravel – to a Liberal, “morals” are nothing more than a liability. Hence, they shoot to have as few of them as possible. Weiner doesn’t care about his career; if he has to stop playing in Congress, big deal…he’s got his pension, and between now and retirement, one of “the cables” is bound to give him a place to stay and a camera to talk into.

    His legit concerns:
    1) What is this gonna do to my current campaign against Justice Thomas?
    2) What is this gonna do to my never-ending campaign against Goldline, Beck, and WINGERZ in general?
    3) Do you think Megyn Kelly saw the picture? Anybody know if she liked it?
    4) Oh yeah, I should probably send my wife some flowers or something, huh…?


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