MoveOn Caption Winner Announced (Oh Dear)

I love it when Democrats stage  little PR  stunts/contests that are meant to poke fun at the right. The results are always, ALWAYS groan inducing. It turns out, jokes require an iota of truth and, well…humor  in order to be funny….and since the drones don’t have that going for them, their attempts at humor fall drastically short.

Early in Obama’s presidency, the DNC website hosted an anti-Rush slogan contest. Because, as I’m sure you remember, Rush had had the temerity to say, “I hope he fails”, meaning the president. He was absolutely right to say that, of course. As we watch the economy slouch ever closer to the cliff, most of us on the right  wish that Obama had failed in most, if not all of the agenda items he managed to push through either legislatively, or by executive fiat. But that’s neither here nor there.

The winnah of that particular contest was: Americans didn’t vote for a Rush to failure….  {{{groan}}}

Last summer, the DNC thought it would try to be snarky on Twitter by starting WWRD? (What would Republicans do?) hashtag.

As I remember it, unintentional hilarity ensued:

This morning, the House Democratic Caucus tweeted: Scary exercise: What Would Republicans Do (#WWRD) w/a majority in Congress? Shed light on R policies: suggest your own!

Democrats followed with three posts, saying that Joe Barton “would side w/ Big Oil,” Republicans “want to end funding for PBS and NPR,” and that Republicans “want to repeal HCR consumer protections.”  {{{groan}}}

Soon Republican House members bombarded Twitter using the hashtag with much better results.

More than 11 Republican lawmakers have responded, including House Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.). Reps. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.) and Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) turned the discussion to the budget.

McHenry tweeted: @HouseDemocrats What Would Repubs Do w/ majority in Congress? Well, pass a budget for one… “If u can’t budget, u can’t govern” #WWRD

Roskam continued: #WWRD? Does your family make a budget every year? @HouseDemocrats just decided it was too hard to make one for USA in 2010

All this is to set you up for this latest Dem lameness, via iOWNTHEWORLD: Caption Contest

And the winnah is....

“My heart is broken! Why don’t the seniors realize that we need the money that they have paid into Medicare to help the wealthy keep their 3 or 4 homes?” {{{GROAN}}}

I wonder what second place was? Something like?:

“Wah! I’m so bummed! I wanted to see the old bag land with a big bloody splatter after Paul Ryan wheeled her off the cliff, but they didn’t show it!  Seeing old people die grizzly deaths  makes me happy.  I’m so disappointed right now, wah!”

Third place?:

“I saw another ‘Tax the rich’ bumpersticker, today, darn it! The proles are on to us!”

Put on your moonbat hat and see if you can come up with something equally unfunny.


Saturday Movie Matinee

Sean Hannity interviewed Sarah Palin on his show, Friday night.

Right off the bat he asked her about the unintentionally funny Martin Bashir’s comments about her use of  United States flag graphics on her  bus, and got this from her:

‘What a goof.”

(Btw, where was Bashir when Obama fans were waving flags with Obama’s face and insignia imprinted on them in 2008/2009? That actually was a clear violation of the flag code. We heard bupkis about that from progs.)

He then got into her meeting with Donald Trump, and what she thinks about a third party. Her answers may surprise you:

Part One

Part Two:

 Martha MacCallum, had talk show hosts Jason Lewis from the right, and Nancy Skinner from the left on her Fox show, Friday,  to talk about the 2012 presidential race.

Happy hour had apparently started early for Skinner….either that, or she was straining so hard to put a happy face on Obama’s economy that she just looked loopy trying to explain it…

Video via Greg Hengler, Townhall

Here’s the always adorable Lee Doren on Weinergate:

See also Breitbart TV: Weinergate – Major Garrett: ‘Every Indication is That He Did It’ Major Garrett really cuts to the chase, here.

Breitbart TV: Weinergate: In Between Jokes Jon Stewart Begs Congressman: ‘Help Us Help You’

Andrew Klavan’s brilliant plan for peace in the Middle East:

Hey, how about an Irish reel? Why? Because I like it:

A set of reels including “The Pidgeon On The Gate” and “Mossy Banks”, played by the three-in-a-row All-Ireland winning Naomh Pádraig Céilí Band. The music was recorded at the 2007 Mullahoran Concert in County Cavan.

Watch this video mash-up of Jay Carney Declining to Comment at White House Dossier. (can’t embed it here). The most amazing thing about it is, it’s from just one day’s press briefing.