Saturday Movie Matinee

Sean Hannity interviewed Sarah Palin on his show, Friday night.

Right off the bat he asked her about the unintentionally funny Martin Bashir’s comments about her use of  United States flag graphics on her  bus, and got this from her:

‘What a goof.”

(Btw, where was Bashir when Obama fans were waving flags with Obama’s face and insignia imprinted on them in 2008/2009? That actually was a clear violation of the flag code. We heard bupkis about that from progs.)

He then got into her meeting with Donald Trump, and what she thinks about a third party. Her answers may surprise you:

Part One

Part Two:

 Martha MacCallum, had talk show hosts Jason Lewis from the right, and Nancy Skinner from the left on her Fox show, Friday,  to talk about the 2012 presidential race.

Happy hour had apparently started early for Skinner….either that, or she was straining so hard to put a happy face on Obama’s economy that she just looked loopy trying to explain it…

Video via Greg Hengler, Townhall

Here’s the always adorable Lee Doren on Weinergate:

See also Breitbart TV: Weinergate – Major Garrett: ‘Every Indication is That He Did It’ Major Garrett really cuts to the chase, here.

Breitbart TV: Weinergate: In Between Jokes Jon Stewart Begs Congressman: ‘Help Us Help You’

Andrew Klavan’s brilliant plan for peace in the Middle East:

Hey, how about an Irish reel? Why? Because I like it:

A set of reels including “The Pidgeon On The Gate” and “Mossy Banks”, played by the three-in-a-row All-Ireland winning Naomh Pádraig Céilí Band. The music was recorded at the 2007 Mullahoran Concert in County Cavan.

Watch this video mash-up of Jay Carney Declining to Comment at White House Dossier. (can’t embed it here). The most amazing thing about it is, it’s from just one day’s press briefing.



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