Hump-Day Link-Around (Drooping Economy and Weiner Edition)

Chip Bok cartoon via TownHall.

Michelle Malkin’s lead story, today is on the abysmal failures of the White House economic team: Obama’s egghead economic saboteurs

Official motto of the White House economic team: Those who can, do. Those who can’t, fantasize in the classroom, fail in Washington and then return to the Ivy Tower to train the next generation of egghead economic saboteurs. Life is good for left-wing academics. Everyone else pays dearly.

Rush used to always joke that the only place where  Marxist theory had a home was in left-wing academia, (he’d mention the University of WI at Madison specifically), but I never thought it was a joking matter because so many young skulls full of mush were being influenced by it.  Eventually, those young skulls full of mush voted in a President who shared their Marxist professors’ views and the Marxist professors were finally  allowed to put their theories to the test. And we all know how that turned out.

Martin Feldstein, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under President Ronald Reagan, diagnoses the problem in The Wall Street Journal: The Economy Is Worse Than You Think, and says it is still possible to recover:

The economy will continue to suffer until there is a coherent and favorable economic policy. That means bringing long-term deficits under control without raising marginal tax rates—by cutting government outlays and by limiting the tax expenditures that substitute for direct government spending. It means lower tax rates on businesses and individuals to spur entrepreneurship and investment. And it means reforming Social Security and Medicare to protect the living standards of future retirees while limiting the cost to future taxpayers.

All of these things are doable. But the Obama administration has not done them and shows no inclination to do them in the future.

How can the dreadful economy  be a boon for Republicans in 2012?

Ace thinks he may have found the answer: Walter Russell Mead Offers Republicans A Winning Campaign Narrative?

The Tea Party WMD stockpile is currently stored in book form: Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption Led to Economic Armageddon.

By Gretchen Morgenson, one of America’s best business journalists who is currently at The New York Times, and noted financial analyst Joshua Rosner, Reckless Endangerment gives the best available account of how the growing chaos in the mortgage and personal finance markets and the rampant bundling of dubious loans into exotically toxic securities plunged the world, and millions of American families, into the gravest financial crisis since World War Two. It is gripping reading as well, and its explanations are clear enough that readers without any background in finance will have no trouble following the plot. The villains? An unholy alliance between Wall Street, the Democratic establishment, community organizing groups like ACORN and La Raza, and politicians like Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi and Henry Cisneros. (Frank got a cushy job for a lover, Pelosi got a job and layoff protection for a son, Cisneros apparently got a license to mint money bilking Mexican-Americans of their life savings in cheesy housing developments.)

If the GOP can make this narrative mainstream, and put this picture into the heads of voters nationwide, the Democrats are toast. The party will have to reinvent itself (or as often happens in American politics, be rescued by equally stupid Republican missteps) before it can flourish.

Ace says it “sounds like this is what a lot of us have been talking about, in vaguer terms, since October of 2008”. We were shouting it from the rooftops in the Fall of 2008. Unfortunately, nobody was listening.

And now for something completely different:New York Post: Penis photo Weiner sent to online gal pal emerges

When you click on that you will still be a couple clicks away from Weiner’s weiner. And no, Breitbart did not release it. Aaron Worthing explains how it sprung up at Patterico.
Ed Schultz’s Weiner-excusing guests, yesterday, said that if the photo were to be revealed, Weiner would have to resign.. Watch the goal-posts get moved, today.
The Other McCain is watching the left-wing weasels squirm, and enjoying every minute of it: Wrong, Wrong, Wrong: Belated Notice of Charles Johnson’s Total Beclownment and Joan Walsh: ‘I Look Kind of Stupid’.

“The lying is what disturbs me. He implicated a lot of us. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, let’s just say that. And, you know, I look kind of stupid. But on the other hand . . .”

No, ma’am. There is no “other hand.”

And….the timing seems a little off, here,  but – The Shark Tank is holding its: 1st Annual Hunky Hombres of the Conservative Blogosphere

Hey Sharky, where’s the Ewok?

I voted for that hunka hunka burnin’ hot Latin love: Val, but Allahpundit (who doesn’t even have a picture) is winning. Go vote.

If you’re looking for some reading material, you could do worse than  All American Blogger’s first eBook: I Bought a Gallon of Milk Today: The Best of All American Blogger, 2007-2011

3 thoughts on “Hump-Day Link-Around (Drooping Economy and Weiner Edition)

  1. Call me a cynic, but any “plot” explanation of Democrap skulduggery that requires the use of more than 2 active brain cells is waaaay too complicated for the average moron who voted for Duh-1 in 2008.

    My suggestion? Keep the waters churning with constant reminders that the country is going down the outhouse hole until about this time next year, then every Monday resurrect a jackass scandal (such as Weinergate, or Obhammud selling out Mousad) and scream it 24 hours a day until the next Monday, when a “new” resurrected scandal will arise.

    The average voter will not check out the facts behind any of these scandals, but if they come in a steady enough stream the average voter will eventually (after, say, 3 or 4 months) start assuming the jackasses are a totally rotten bunch, especially if financial scandals such as the “cool” $90,000 found in a freezer, or Rangel’s troubles are emphasized.

    That’s what the donkeys do every election cycle; it’s time we started using their tactics, as long as the scandal is real (unlike half the “scandals” they use.)


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