Am I the Only One…

…who wants to choke the s*** of the people on “our side” of the political spectrum when they keep attacking the non-expert/experienced politicians who have decided to endure hostile, partisan reporters spelunking in their sphincters and uteruses, and the scorn and derision of pundits, who often have done nothing remotely risky in their lives other than ordering iffy fish at swanky restaurants or daring to buy a suit off the rack, rather than visiting their tailor for their latest Armani.

I’d like to know when so many conservatives bought into the idea that our leaders must be drawn from the pool of experts and experienced politicians.  A careful reading of the Federalist Papers and other assorted writings make it clear that the Framers certainly never envisioned a government consisting of career politicians and professional experts rich in “knowledge” largely or completely unsupported by real world experience.  But honestly, as far afield as we have strayed from so many other things that they intended, I find this gradual acquiescence less frustrating than the unrestrained contempt that so many of these so-called conservative “journalists”, talking heads, and their devoted followers have for people like Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, or even Michelle Bachmann.

Whether it’s the vacuous and groundless criticisms leveled at Sarah Palin, (She’s dumb, she’s a hillbilly, Trig isn’t hers, OMG, she didn’t give a polished and pat answer to the hostile reporter’s query, its her fault the nutbar shot Gabby Giffords, or that she’s a quitter because she decided to stop costing the taxpayers of Alaska money fighting boundless and, ultimately frivolous ethics complaints and resigned the governorship), the “he doesn’t have a policy plan for every single contingency” leveled at Herman Cain, someone who I would wager has more ideas that would actually grow the economy and jobs in his little finger than The President and all of Congress have between themselves and their legions of advisors and staff.  Besides, I’m quite sure that the only reason an “electable candidate” like Mitt Romney can cogently answer a specific foreign policy question because at least one or more paid advisor has advised him on a safe, or expected answer to such question.  Be honest, do you think at his first inauguration, George W. Bush was planning to spend the majority of time in office in charge of conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, or that he thought that we would suffer a devastating terrorist attack on our soil that would kill thousands of American civilians, or that a cadre of career Democratic appointees going through a revolving door at Freddie and Fannie would feed an unsustainable bubble by guaranteeing bad loans and personally enriching themselves in the process, despite it being brought to his attention once in office, and his numerous warnings to Congress about their dreadful oversight after it was brought to his attention.

The fact that these criticisms come from people who haven’t decided to subject themselves to the inevitable criticism and scrutiny directed at these candidates is irritating.  These people aren’t making the decision to run because they want power.  Despite the claims to the contrary, they don’t do it for “the fame”.  I’m quite certain that Governor Palin hasn’t appreciated “the fame” that has made her daughters the focus of David Letterman’s creepy sexual innuendos, or Andy Sullivan all but petition the courts to make his own gynecological examination of her nethers.  I’m equally certain that Herman Cain didn’t decide to move into the public eye and run for office because he’d like to be President.  Representative Bachmann on the other hand, clearly enjoys driving partisan hacks like Chrissy “Tingles” Matthews insane when she purposely doesn’t play the role that he hamfistedly tries to maneuver her into.  But then, to hear some talking head with a complete lack of understanding of the tax code prattling on and pretending to know more than her would lead me to frustrate the sputtering simpleton at every opportunity as well.  No, these people made the decision to step away from their lives because they could no longer ignore the fact that decades of leadership by the experienced and the experts isn’t working.  And what thanks do they get?  A complete eclipse of consideration by self-appointed deciders obsessed with talking points, elaborate plans which may or may not survive the events of the potential candidate’s administration, ‘electablity’-otherwise known as the careful positioning that ensures that the candidate doesn’t really have a position that would evoke a strong feeling by any potential voter, and policy expertise informed by, well, more experts.  And then they lament months later the fact that the new boss is largely undistinguishable from the old boss.

I have an idea.

How about you journalists, pundits, loyal followers and other deciders who purport to be on our side try a novel strategy this time?

Shut the hell up and let us decide, m’kay?


11 thoughts on “Am I the Only One…

  1. YOU are NOT the only one, BIWC. The Conservatives I know share your frustration and desire to ring necks and tell these self appointed ‘experts’ with big mouths to shut up. I tune them out at this point. We finally have some true Conservatives willing to be put through hell and they want to take them out this early in the process. It is unacceptable and reprehensible.

    Great post, thanks for writing what I think a whole lot of us are thinking and feeling.


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  3. Actually, it makes me nervous that the media, Democraps OR Republican establishment want to tell me who is best qualified to run. They’ve all got dogs in the fight, none of which are fighting for me.

    If whatever candidate that is chosen by Republican voters next year isn’t in it to STOP the slide into socialism, then it won’t matter who is elected, we’ll all end up over the cliff anyway.


  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Very well said. Let us see what the candidates stand for, let us ask questions at a debate, let us decide!


  5. No You are not the only one I was beside myself when I saw the factor last night! It seems no one is good except Romney !


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  7. Romney, wdednh? You mean the one whose health care “reform” in MA has MA on the brink of bankruptcy now, and doctors have fled the state in droves (driving up the cost of medicine and down the quality of care)?

    That’s not Mr. Romney’s only problem with pushing us toward socialism, but in my book, that’s enough to make me stay home November 2012 because there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between him and our Liar-in-Chief.


  8. [ZZMike, dealing with a recovering computer, can’t log on as usual]

    “Whether it’s the vacuous and groundless criticisms leveled at Sarah Palin, (She’s dumb, …)”

    I can’t undersatnd that. Of all the people who say they can’t stand Palin, I haven’t heard one explain just what it is they don’t like about her. Is it the fact that she’s good-looking, bright, successful, has a sense of values? Can anyone explain?

    Herman Cain: I haven’t followed him closely. The last I remember is that he favored a national sales tax, possibly as a replacement for the Income tax. That’s probably a noble idea (outgo tax instead of income), but the problem is that the Federal Gummint will drop the Income tax when we pry it from their cold, dead hands, and a National Sales Tax is something you could use to weigh down a lead balloon.

    About that “novel strategy”: that would require a return to the Old Days, when reporters did nothing but tell us the facts (and just the facts), and actually went out into the streets to do interviews, talk to people, and in general, find out for themselves (and a small cadre of assistants) what’s really going on.

    Unfortuately, that would put a lot of simley-face talking heads out of jobs.

    Carlos: “If whatever candidate that is chosen by Republican voters next year …”

    That’s one of the problems. Just how much choice do We, the People have in who gets the nomination? I’d say, pretty close t zero. Candidates on both sides are hand-picked by the leadership (visible or invisible). Every now and again, somebody comes “out of the woodwork” – liike Ross Perot, some years back, who got a lot of votes for Clinton. Or the occasional millionaire businessman in California – most recently, Whitman and Fiorina.

    But you’re absolutely right: unless we get real conservatives elected (some of whom may be Republican), we might as well bend over and give up.

    Don’t focus on just the Presidency. There are thousands of other offices that need conservaitves: governors, mayors, senators and congressmen – both state and Federal – sherriffs, even dog-catchers.

    Romney does have a lot to explain – especially his disastrous experiment with socialized health care in Massachusetts.


  9. Anon: Cain’s idea is to replace the income with a flat or fair tax. I live in Oregon, where we have no sales tax, and I’m not real excited about ever getting one because it would be piggy-backed onto the income tax. Not a good idea, IMHO.

    Other than that, Cain is articulate, and seems to have a standard formula for attacking any problem. It has worked well for him in business, but it would drive Congress and the jackasses nuttier than they already are!

    And you are absolutely correct that it’s not just the presidency. If we didn’t have all the tinhorn socialists running the states and cities, we wouldn’t have near the problems we do now.


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