The Obama Campaign’s Bizarre, Dishonest GOP Debate Video

Watch this – I’m almost speechless:

So they’re asking people to believe that the Republican candidates chose on their own accord to talk about divisive issues all night long…? They don’t care about the issues Americans care about…they just  want to concentrate on GAY MARRIAGE and SHARIA LAW?

I called this “bizarre” because most 10 year olds could rebut this absurd propaganda:

“but mommie, weren’t they just answering the questions the nice man asked them?

(Eyes rolling) – Yes dear, during political debates, especially those held on liberal media outlets, conservative candidates will always be asked a number of  questions on what we call, “wedge issues”:

Political parties are usually fairly diverse groups though they will always try to project a united front. A wedge issue may often be a point of internal dissent within the opposing party, which that party tries to suppress or ignore talking about because it divides “the base.” Such issues are typically a cultural or populist issue, relating to matters such as crime, national security, sexuality (e.g. gay marriage), or race. Another party may exploit this dissent by publicly supporting the issue, and in effect align itself with the dissenting faction of the opposing party.

….Or another party may cynically package a bunch of comments on wedge issues (Tim Pawlenty thinks Sarah Palin is qualified to be President! Uh-oh! lots of independents don’t like Sarah Palin!) –  in a campaign video designed to mislead people.

What in the world are they talking about???

Do they think the American voter is that stupid??? (Okay many of them are, but they have their votes already).

Do they think independents are going to be fooled by the spooky piano music and selective editing from a two hour debate?

Even ABC is calling them out for the B.S.:

(ABC News) — At last night’s Republican debate, the seven candidates talked about unemployment, taxes, regulations, former Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s talk of a goal of 5% GDP growth, the individual mandate in the health care bill, the Independent Medicare Advisory Board, welfare reform, the Tea Party, currency policy, the National Labor Relations Board, Boeing, TARP, the auto bailout, Rep. Paul Ryan’s Medicare proposal, former Gov. Mitt Romney’s health care program in Massachusetts, raising the debt ceiling, raising the retirement age for Social Security, the role of religion in public life, the 10th amendment, Libya, Afghanistan, and so on.

But President Obama’s 2012 campaign is sending out a DNC video suggesting the candidates spoke only about sharia law, an anti-gay-marriage amendment, repealing health care, Sarah Palin, and the space program. . . .

If this is the best the Obama campaign can do, they are getting off to a shaky start. This reeks of desperation.

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers



7 thoughts on “The Obama Campaign’s Bizarre, Dishonest GOP Debate Video

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  2. Well, from what I’ve seen in the past four years of campaigning, Duh-1’s entire campaign can be summed up with, “Hopey-Changey; it’s Bush’s fault!”

    That, as far as I can tell, is the sum total of his four years of campaigning. (He has never really stopped campaigning, except to vacation, which accounts for approximately 52% of his time in office.)

    That’s quite a message for all those who’re too dumb to be bothered with substance.


  3. Expect more of this bullsh!t. When you have failure after failure after failure, not only with the economy, but nearly everything including foriegn policy….this is the kind of crap you have to come up with. The Ovomit administration and all the Dems can’t defend all of these destructive policies passed by the DEMS! So, let’s just make up some boogiemen and see if that sticks with the public. Childish yes, but everything about the Libs is childish.


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