Herman Cain Press Conference At RightOnline

After his speech at RightOnline in Minneapolis, MN on June 18, Herman Cain sought to clear up  misconceptions about three of his positions on  issues that have caused some controversy for him: the question of whether or not he would appoint a Muslim to his administration, a gun rights issue, and his refusal to sign the Susan B. Anthony List Pro-Life pledge.    He first tackled the issue of appointing Muslims to his administration, which he  reasserted was possible, while stipulating that he might “take extra precautions”.

The fiery Atlanta businessman and former talk show host raised his voice several times during the presser, but “almost lost his cool” when a reporter  pressed him on the Muslim question.  He immediately apologized for his outburst.

The question comes at 13:19 minutes in:


RS McCain has identified the reporter who asked  Cain the question that set him off:

The normally genial Atlanta businessman became angry when Evan McMorris-Santoro, a writer for the liberal blog Talking Points Memo, asked whether Cain would apply “special precautions” in hiring Muslims.

“If you’re trying to make me lose my cool, you’re almost succeeding,” Cain said, after McMorris-Santoro raised the question — one Cain had addressed at some length to begin the press conference — and when the TMP writer attempted to reiterate the question, Cain roared back: “I never said I would use any special precautions!”


10 thoughts on “Herman Cain Press Conference At RightOnline

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  2. Check out this humorous cartoon which uses Obama’s own voice, spoken by him, to make the case that he’s ill prepared to lead a capitalist society. The cartoon uses Obama’s recent (and desperate?) raffle to have dinner with him as a plot device to put him in contact with a perfect foil, who eventually decides that Obama is so hopelessly clueless that she is going to vote for Herman Cain.

    It’s pretty funny


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  6. It’s too bad Cain wouldn’t use “special precautions” when considering a muslim for any position, White House or not.

    After all, if that person is a practicing muslim one of the things he/she is sworn to is the destruction of our government to set up the coming caliphate.

    And it doesn’t matter a whit how apologists for Islam spin, twist or apologize for that, either. It’s part of being a part of the “religion.”


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