Whispers of A Dark Ulterior Motive In Operation Fast and Furious Getting Louder

The very idea that any  administration in this country, even the Obama administration could be this reckless – this corrupt- this cold blooded in its drive to further an unpopular agenda is almost unthinkable.  I finally dared hint last week that something dark and nefarious must be behind this insane, irrational operation – nobody can be this incompetent: Video: Issa’s Opening Statement at Today’s Operation Fast and Furious Hearing + More

This whole debacle begs the question: How could top officials at the DOJ have been this criminally,  insanely, impossibly incompetent?

In the past, the Obama Administration and the Department of Homeland Security had implied that the violence in Mexico was the fault of the Second Amendment — law abiding gun shop owners who sold to cartel members.

This whole thing stinks to high heaven and heads should roll.
The higher up – the better.

It is increasingly looking like the Obama administration decided that  in  pursuit of its omelet – anti-gun legislation,  it would have to “break a few eggs”, like border patrol agent, Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata .

Thank God for whistleblowers like ATF agent John Dodson because had he not blown the whistle on this travesty,  the American people, would never have learned of it. Heads are  beginning to roll, as Andy from AoSHQ reports:

There’s a report in the weekend Wall Street Journal suggesting that ATF head Kenneth Melson is about to take the fall for Operation Fast and Furious a/k/a Gunwalker.

The Justice Department is expected to oust the head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, according to people familiar with the matter, amid a troubled federal antitrafficking operation that has grown into the agency’s biggest scandal in nearly two decades.Moves toward the replacement of Kenneth Melson, acting ATF director since April 2009, could begin next week, although the precise sequence of events remains to be decided, these people said.


Instapundit is deeply suspicious of the motivations behind what some are calling a scandal “worse than Iran-Contra.”

Bonus quote: “Allowing loads of weapons that we knew to be destined for criminals, this was the plan. It was so mandated.” –Special Agent John Dodson ATF Phoenix Field Division. I retain my suspicions about the connection between a secret ATF operation that allowed thousands of weapons to go from U.S. gunshops to Mexican crime scenes, and a public gun-control campaign by the Obama Administration that stressed the need to limit gun sales in the United States because weapons from U.S. gun shops were turning up at Mexican crime scenes. Call me cynical, but this is an awfully convenient juxtaposition.

Andy at AoSHQ created a helpful timeline of relevant events throughout this scandal:

  • January 20, 2009: A hard-core, idealogical leftist becomes President. Gun control is right up there with high taxes and abortion-on-demand as a sacrament of the left, but the prospects for enacting gun control legislation look bleak due to a shift in public mood and the 2008 Heller decision along with a pesky lack of carnage from widespread adoption of shall-issue concealed carry laws and the 2004 expiration of the assault weapons ban.
  • March 26, 2009: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claims on a flight to Mexico City that 90% of the firearms used by drug cartels in Mexico come from the U.S. After layers of rigorous fact-checking, the MBM repeated the claim. For example, USA Today:

    On Thursday, Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano visit Mexico to discuss ways to stop the smuggling of American weapons, which Mexico says account for 90% of confiscated arms here. The meeting is part of an urgent American effort to aid Mexico as it fights a bloody war against drug cartels.

  • April 2009: The 90% claim is almost immediately debunked
  • Fall 2009: Operation Fast and Furious begins.
  • November 2010: The body of kidnapped Mexican attorney Mario Gonzalez Rodriguez is discovered in a shallow grave. It is now reported that he was killed with guns allowed to be smuggled under Operation Fast and Furious.
  • December 14, 2010: Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry is shot with an AK-47 allowed to be smuggled to Mexico under this operation. He died the following day.

The ATF Head’s ouster should only be the beginning.  Issa says “Holder absolutely knew” about this operation earlier than he testified:

Hat tip: Retired Geezer


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Video: My Favorite RightOnline Speeches

I didn’t have time to do a lot of blogging during the conference because we were going a mile a minute all weekend long. Watching speeches,  going to breakout sessions, and fraternizing with fellow bloggers, etc, made it difficult to do much posting.

Also, I forgot to bring my own camera, so I’m relying on other people’s video.

The Blog Prof was there, blogging in the same media room I was, yet I still managed to miss meeting him! He took this video of Andrew Breitbart’s speech Friday night during the banquet before the premiere of Steve Bannon’s new movie about  Sarah Palin; The Undefeated, which I’ll be reviewing later. In an attempt to put the Weinergate scandal in context,  the always entertaining Breitbart took us back a few years to Clinton’s Lewinsky scandal, which he characterized as “the Bermuda Triangle of pornography”:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

I loved Michelle Malkin’s speech about how ‘new media’ vs ‘old media’ has been transformed to ‘right media’ vs ‘wrong media’, and how ‘right media’,  (bloggers, whistle-blowers and watchdogs)  are making a difference in exposing left-wing fraud, corruption, and power grabs. It’s a very entertaining speech with lots of  inside baseball. You can watch it at The Right Scoop.

Also great was Michele Bachmann’s keynote speech, Saturday morning, which you also view at The Right Scoop.  An unhinged GLBT activist charged the stage after her speech, and attempted to “glitterbomb” her at point-blank range, but still managed to miss.

That video was taken by Frank Strategies:

Herman Cain is a masterful speaker, and always a crowd favorite. He didn’t disappoint with his Saturday afternoon speech at RightOnline:

Rep. Thad Mccotter’s speech was short but sweet, clocking in at less than seven minutes, and starting with a great joke about Obama’s reliance on teleprompters: