Stranahan On The WeinerGate Sock Puppets

You can hear him talking about it on Blog Talk radio. I was listening to it earlier, today, but fell asleep before it finished. Not because it’s boring. It’s not at all. I was just tired from staying up too late, last night. What I found out before I fell asleep is that Stranahan is 99.9% sure that  the sock-puppet for Nikki Reid, one of the underage Weiner Twitter-fans, and Starchild(?), and possibly PatriotUSA76 is the same person, a troubled liberal, woman named Jenny who goes to UCLA, and has a very tenuous relationship with the truth.

But I’m still listening to find  what the heck her motive could possibly be. A spurned ex-sexter perhaps? That would be conjecture. He has been able to confirm her identity.

Patterico has more: The Owner of the Nikki Reid Account Speaks Out

This post will reveal the first batch of alleged direct messages and e-mails from Gennette Cordova to Nikki Reid.

There is much more coming. This is just the initial batch. Perhaps the most interesting line I see is Gennette telling Nikki on June 6:

Hey. I’m not supposed to talk over messages anymore. If you want my number/you’re able to call, let me know.

In another  bizarre turn of events in the WeinerGate saga, a person who claims to be a  “janitor”, ( political operative who is hired to clean up messes) has threatened both Ace and Patterico in emails.

Stranahan this morning: Your Friday Morning Weinergate Crazy Update.

Crazy is right.



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