Video: Obama Says, “We Can’t Simply Cut Our Way To Prosperity”

Obama used his weekly address to mock the  tea party, today. He did this by cleverly changing the oft repeated tea party refrain; “we can’t spend our way to prosperity” to “we can’t simply cut our way to prosperity” :

The Hill reported:

Spurring the economy will take investments, as well as spending cuts, President Obama said Saturday his weekly address.

“We can’t simply cut our way to prosperity,” Obama said. “We need to do what’s necessary to grow our economy; create good, middle-class jobs; and make it possible for all Americans to pursue their dreams.”

That sound you just heard was 100 million voices crying out, “Why the hell not???”

Less government spending means more money in the private sector for the American people to invest as we see fit instead of the big spending totalitarians currently lording over us.

Obama wants to raise taxes, and continue to “invest” as he sees fit, with minimal cuts, which has been working brilliantly, so far.

His address was recorded from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh where he was  touting his new “Advanced Manufacturing Partnership”, an “investment initiative”, which sounds like more government meddling in business affairs to me, picking winners and losers. The plan calls for $500 million in ” key investments”  in American manufacturing.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit



7 thoughts on “Video: Obama Says, “We Can’t Simply Cut Our Way To Prosperity”

  1. Our ignorant Affirmative Action Student-in-Chief doesn’t understand the government have never, ever, created a productive job in history. The only thing our government can do is create a climate in which productive jobs are created, which would entail, among other things, a stable tax structure that doesn’t punish success, and offers relief from oppressive over-regulation.

    But, being the Columbia and Hawvud grad that he is he knows more than all the sane economists in the world. So he will continue to bleat like the stupid sheep he is that only government is capable of being god and be the source of all good things, including employment.

    What a maroon. And viper. And pig. All rolled into one. Kinda like the “churkendoose” from many, many years ago, only his is a “marvipig.”


  2. “Cutting our way to prosperity” is exactly how most people achieve financial independence in our country. It is how most millionaires are made, by consistently saving more than they spend. In economics, savings equals investment. When savings are low and debt (and interest payments) is high, investment is correspondingly low and as a result there is less room to invest in technology, projects, hiring and infrastructure. Obama is flat wrong that we can’t cut our way to prosperity. Recent research by Alesina and Adragna support this assertion. I blog at freedoomed dot com.


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