Video: TIME Editor Mark Halperin Gives His Honest Assessment of Obama On Morning Joe, Is Promptly Suspended By MSNBC

What’s sad is, he expected the guys in the studio to bleep out the word on the tape delay, but unfortunately, his comment went live.

What happened according to The Blaze:

It was just after 6am and the discussion kicking off the day was dealing with President Obama’s press conference from the day before. Regular MSNBC contributor and TIME Magazine editor Mark Halperin was asked his thoughts on the presser and he gave a rather unvarnished assessment:

At Ace of Spades HQ, Drew wondered why a guy, normally in Obama’s camp would be so off the reservation:

I’m not sure what the hell Halperin was reacting to but maybe it was just the thin skinned, immature and peevish nature of Obama’s grating personality was too much even for him.

Whatever the reason, he’s been suspended indefinitely by MSNBC and has apologized.

This is why Obama gives so few press conferences. When he is off-prompter, we see more glimpses of his true personality, and the more people see, the more they don’t like. We conservatives aren’t the only ones who have been noticing what a weird bird he is –  That press conference was a debacle.

I can’t help wondering if Halperin read Ace’s assessment of the speech, yesterday, which was very similar to his:

At any rate, you have to feel sorry for the guy — he really looked like he was ready to cry when he apologized after the commercial break. Look at his face:

“Joking aside, this is not a pro-forma apology, this is an absolute apology, heartfelt to the President and to the viewers, I became part of the joke, but that’s no excuse. I made a mistake and I’m sorry and I should not have said it, and as I say I apologize to the President and the viewers who heard me say that.”

I’m wondering, should this be considered just one isolated slip of the tongue, one deviation from the norm of  their slavish devotion, or are many in the MSM finally turning against “the One”?

Just yesterday, I was reading Warner Todd Huston’s piece at Big Journalism: Why Can’t Old Media Learn That Obama Has Contempt for Them?

This week we see the carping emanating from Politico’s On the Media blog. As it happens, Obama stiffed the White House Press Corps once again as far as many reporters are concerned.

The journalists were annoyed that Obama gave a speech in the East Room but treated it under the accepted rules as if it were a speech emanating from the Oval Office. The reason this is a big deal is because the speeches made in the Oval Office are limited press access.

Consequently, Obama limited the press access to this particular speech and excluded many of the journalists from the full press pool for the speech. As the AP complained, “Some reporters complained that this amounted to less access and that there was little chance of distraction in the East Room, the largest room in the building. The White House refused to change the ground rules.”

So, once again we see Obama trying to limit press access as much as possible to the consternation of the press. As I said, though, this has not been the only time the press has whined about access to Obama or how he treated them.

Read on as his lists many more examples of the Obama administration dissing the media.

It could be that the era of  the MSM’s  ‘slobbering love affair’  with Obama is well and truly over.

More excellent commentary from Ace: Official Liberal Funniness Rating: Bill Maher, Extremely Funny When He Calls Sarah Palin a C*** or a T***; Mark Halperin, Not Funny, When He Calls Obama A Dick

I noted a while ago that the press is in a fix here. On one hand, they know, to be considered “serious minded people,” they have to acknowledge the size of the debt problem, and of the demographic bomb we call entitlements. They have been talking up this problem since the 80s, at least.

All serious people know this. Even the liberal twits in the media who don’t really understand this have heard other serious people talking about this and so know this is the serious, thoughtful position to take.

The fix for the media, then, is that their boyfriend Obama is explicitly contradicting what serious people know about our debt crisis, and is behaving like a demagogic toddler about it.

Krauthammer’s  take on Obama’s demagoguery is priceless.



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